Thursday, November 29, 2012

Withdrawing from the World

Sometimes, I find it necessary to withdraw from the world for awhile to get myself centered once again. Is this a lonely place? No.  It is a place to reunite with self and the Higher Power that resides within and around us. 

Over the last few years, I have found this meditative, quiet time an almost desperate need that calls out.  It's as if Spirit wants to communicate with me.

It is during these times, I find I must be silent and listen.  Funny how those two words have the same letters in them.

Take the time and be still my child, says Spirit

My plate is full, I have made promises, my mind replies.

It's ok. They will understand. Spirit answers.


No, buts.

What will you say to me?

What will be revealed?

Be still my child.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


The blank page calls me to it.  We have not made love in what seems like an eternity.  Made love in the purest sense of being so connected that two become one. The page  hears my words but does not judge.  The page listens and wipes away my tears. The page provides a resting place for my soul. The page laughs with me even when my jokes aren't really funny because I can never remember the punch line!  The page is the confidant of my innermost secrets and thoughts. The page never lets me down and is always there for me, whenever I call.

You my dearest friend, no matter how long its been, no matter what the words say, or dont say, you are always by my side. You love me with unconditional love like no other. Each day with us can be a new adventure or a time for reflection. You, give me peace and joy.

You are my lover who never criticizes or hurts.  You are my lover who brings music to the silence of the night. You are my lover who places his hand between my breasts and calms my inner being.

You, the blank page that comes to me and asks me in, forever and always.


Monday, September 24, 2012

The Magical Power of Life's Teachers

How many of us have Life Teachers? Are they teachers in school? Are they teachers in your everyday life like your mother? aunt? or some stranger you met on some odd whim?

I have had many teachers on life's pathway and continue each day to learn and grow.  Currently, my teachers are Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer.  Two men who have similar messages with very different styles.  I love Tony Robbins energy! Absolutely, 100 percent love it and I have a deep desire within me to impact peoples lives just as he does.  Someday I pray that I can meet him face to face and tell him for myself.

As for Wayne Dyer, he gives me a sense of peace and calm and centers me when life gets just a little too crazy and I need a reminder, that All is Truly Well and God is ever Present.

I would really enjoy hearing who your Life Teachers are.  Please share them with me.  Life is truly meant to be a learning for all of us, so why not share our thoughts about our teachers?

Good Night,


Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Sacred Space

How many of us have sacred spaces within our homes? These are spaces that are all our own.  A place to retreat with our own thoughts, devoid of others.  Where is yours? Your office, your bedroom, the kitchen?

For me, this place is my writing office. It is the place I go to share my innermost feelings with a pen and composition notebook every morning.  It is the place I go to sit on my cream colored, overstuffed chair with a cup of tea at dusk and watch the setting sun through the luscious, green trees.

This my sacred space is made up of the things in life that mean the most to me. My inspirational and design books, a poem written to me from my mother when I was 13, a memorial card from my very first spiritual teacher's funeral, a clock from my dear friend Marquerite in Holland, NY who taught me about gardening, alternative health and inner strength.  It is in this space that my cats cuddle
on a blanket on a footstool as I write, where music plays sometime softly, sometimes it's rockin! depending on my mood and it is here where my soul finds peace.

My cats and I are happiest here, well maybe the kitchen takes the number one spot for them but we snuggle in this room most mornings and evenings.

It is in this room that books are created, lifes' struggles get resolved and I find solace in connecting with my friends on facebook.

This is my sacred space.


Sunday, September 9, 2012

On Purpose...

Wayne Dyer has been a spiritual mentor of mine for quite some time now.  I have mentioned him in other blogs in the past and today he is on my mind yet again.  I have been listening to several of his You Tube videos on creating Real Magic in every day life. They have taken me to that more spiritual place that I have needed to access over the last several weeks.

He talks about living your life "On Purpose."  It's been an interesting concept to ponder.  As I contemplate the future of my life coaching business and writings, I change my thoughts to "how can I serve." versus I have to get to this point financially, I have to get this other point physically, I have to, I have to , I have to.  Instead, Wayne Dyer has taught me to think about how can I continue to serve and act as if you I am already where I want to be.

Create the new person that you want to be. Live your life "on purpose." Is your purpose in life to raise your three children? Start a new business? Record a song?

Celebrate this beautiful sunday and make a committment to yourself to live your life "on purpose."

With color, love and Passion!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week , Coming Soon!

I am really looking forward to the Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week this year because it will be held at the new Statler City, one of the most beautiful, historic hotels in our city. Over the years, I would drive by the signs over Chippewa that would announce the upcoming event and would say to myself, I want to be involved in this event. Fashion and Beauty have been a passion of mine since I was a teenager, when I would buy every fashion magazine I could get my hands on.

And so, now in my forties, I have come full circle and pursued some of my life long dreams, one of which is to be involved in the modeling and fashion world.  Years ago was an avid fan of TLC's show, What Not to Wear, starring Stacy London and Clinton Kelly. Every friday night, I would sit in front of the television soaking up every bit of knowledge I could from them.  One day, I even sent them a message on TLC's website asking if I could intern with them. I never heard back from TLC but years later, I would have my opportunity to meet and learn from Stacy, live and in-person on an august weekend in New York City.

It was a dream come true.  Stacy was starting her own network of stylists called Style for Hire and she was holding classes in New York three weeks after I had accidentally bumped into the information on the internet.  So, I confidently submitted my resume for review to be selected as a student.  I just knew this was meant to be.

Not two days later, I was booking my hotel and flight reservations. I was off to New York City to be a student of fashion, a dream I wanted so badly as an eighteen year old girl, was now coming to fruition at forty-seven.

It would be a full weekend of class time in the heart of New York. I was so excited!

I arrived a bit scared as to what I would walk into but I discovered a world that was so unique and different from the one I lived everyday.  There were stylists there mostly from New York City, some from Boston and another from Denver.  And I got to meet Stacy in person and discovered that we had a lot in common.

I was surrounded by the New York City vibe and lived for a weekend in a world I had longed to be a part of as a young girl.

Prior to attending the workshop, I had sent a proposal to Stacy's team asking them to bring Style for Hire to Buffalo.  They weren't quite ready to do that as they were focusing on a few major cities at first. 

So, I decided to bring what I had learned back to my beloved city and share it with everyone. I came back from New York and started my own Wardrobe Styling and Life Coaching Business. I love to help people become all they can be and transform their lives into something they never dreamt possible.

If there are a few tidbits of wisdom that I had already known and some that I learned from Stacy, it would be these:

 Style is unique to oneself.  It is an expression of who we are.  Style is wearing what showcases our best assets and helps to balance out those areas we wish plastic surgery would assist with!  Style is wearing your confidence from the inside out! Style is about feeling good about yourself as you choose the clothing that is right for your body type, not someone's in a magazine.  Style is about colors that suit your skin color.  Fashion is the latest trend on the runway and the newest looks from Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein.

And lastly....
               Style is about wearing You.

In just a few short weeks I will be at the Mercedes-Benz of BuffaloFashion Week 2012, on September 25 at the Boutique Show.  It is there that I will help people discover their very best selves through both style and fashion.  I would love for you to join me!  Please go to their facebook page for all the delicious details:

With fun, color and lots's of Passion,                                                 Mercedes-Benz of Buffalo Fashion Week - Buffalo, NY

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


    .... and know no limits

 I can defy gravity and
         shatter the stereotypes.

       My curves are earned
         as my weakness is shed.

I trade soft for firm and tears for sweat.

    I turn guilt into satisfaction and tomorrow's chore
                    into today's opportunity.

My purpose becomes defined as


     I TRAIN..................................................DO YOU?


To all my readers:  I read this ad in Oxygen Magazine a while back.  I love it! and decided to adopt it as my personal motto.

I hope it inspires you to do something great with your life.


Monday, September 3, 2012

The Autumn New Year

I love when the calendar rolls around to September 1st.  It marks the beginning of the school year for most and for me, it marks the beginning of a New Year with reflection and new hopes for the future. Nature gently turns her leaves different colors without a sound and the air turns crisp.

The smell of number two pencils and shopping for that brand new outfit for the first day of school brings back warm childhood memories.

Now, as an adult, each year in September,  I still treat myself to some new pencils, pens and new writing tablets.  I still write my novels by hand.  I know its hard to believe in this age of computer technology but the hands have a strange way of expressing emotion through a pen more so than through a keyboard.  It does for me anyway.

So, as parents make the coffee and get the kids up for school and the school buses roll out onto the roads tomorrow morning, how will you greet this new time of year?

What has changed in your life since this time last year? What have you learned? Have you grown in some way? Growth can come in so many forms, it doesn't have to be big.  As long as we continue to grow in some way.  In my eyes, if I am not constantly growing, learning, experiencing, for me this is certainly a death.  Again, it can be as small as tasting a new food, bringing a new pet into your life, making a new friend or learning to play the guitar. 

Take some time during this Autumn New Year and reflect back on your life.  As you do that,  think about how you can become a more "true you" in these coming months.  Making a committment to yourself is the gift we give ourselves.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Beauty of Discovering Oneself at 50, A Poem from My Mother

Beautiful Quotes and Sayings

Yes, hard to believe I am actually going to post this. Actually admitting that I am going to turn 50 this year is a huge step for me.  But, I must say that today, somehow and in some strange way, I am proud to say that this is simply a number and yes , that will be my age.

Today, I bless the fact that I have personally grown so much over these last few years and that as I walk toward this number in a few months, I know in my heart of hearts that it truly is a celebration of life.  A celebration that I am a very healthy woman.  I have energy that is difficult for most people to keep up with as I dance until 4am and I am not afraid to embrace my sexuality as a woman.  I am an independent, fun-spirited, vulnerable and loving woman who embraces life.  Do I get scared when new things appear?  yes, absolutely!  Do I say, "Bring It On!" Absolutely! After all, I am my mothers daughter and she is the strongest woman I know!

As I embrace, the woman I am today, I am reminded of a poem that my mother wrote me when I turned 13 years old:

                                             My Daughter's Courage

                             To live each day, with it's contstant onslaught on our being,
                                              takes Courage

                             To endure, to persevere in the face of pain and adversity, take
                               the strength of a mountain.

                             It stands firm in the buffeting of snow and winds and rain.

                             To stop fighting, to loosen your grasp on Courage would be for you,
                                to die a little, to stop living.

                             For you it would be as the shore line, eroded by the tide as it washes over it.
                             Lost forever - never to return to its place.

                             Courage, my dearest daughter, can only be drawn, from the hills we climb
                                 over and overcome each moment.

                             As we conquer them, we build for ourselves
                                               A Mountain

                                             Strong and Sure

                                             A Mountain
                                            Called our Lives.

                                          Keep climbing my Darling

                                                                Love Mom

Thank you Mom, for your unending love and strength.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An old time favorite, Martha Stewart Living Magazine

So, I was at the grocery store tonight after an intense workout and I spotted a Martha Stewart Living magazine.  It had been ages since I had browsed on.  Martha was one of my first "home management" mentors.  I was an avid fan of her TV show and the binding of her cookbook on my shelf is about to come apart.  It was so tempting to grab it off the shelf but I knew I was supposed to be writing and working when I arrived home.

I walked out of the store, with a cooked lemon,pepper chicken, brocolli, some energy bars, sour cream to make banana bread and , yes - Martha Stewart Living.  I went home and poured a glass of wine, cooked a nice, healthy meal of stir fried vegetables and chicken, sat down and opened the magazine.

It was as familiar as an old friend that you haven't seen in ages, but you pick up right where you left off. The pages are beautiful crafted and there are so many little treasures on each one.  I think my favorite find in the September issue was the breakfast cookies! Perfect!  I love cookies and they are filled with everything healthy, including sunflower seeds, oats, banana chips, etc.  And she pairs it with a cappachino. Does breakfast get better than that?

I have always admired Martha's organization skills, her cooking and garden abilities.  I don't care what anyone says, I think she has taken Home Management to a level to aspire to.

Everything that Martha does in her magazine centers around the Home.  Perhaps that is why I am so drawn to it, because my home is my sacred space.  It is where I withdraw from the craziness of the day.  It is my cats universe.  It is a special place where I love to have family come to eat and drink and laugh.  It is where my girfriends and I share our deepest secrets and most importantly, it is where I love to be more than anywhere else.

Thank you Martha for your continued inspiration in my life.


Saturday, August 11, 2012

"Don't Die with the Music Still in You"

I cannot seem to forget this statement from a Wayne Dyer segment I watched on You Tube.  It has resonated within my soul for days now. The words call to me, knowing that there is a higher purpose to be served by all of us. 

We all must share our true gifts with the world.  Some of us sing, some of us paint, some of us write novels and some of us grow fruit and some of us teach. Whatever it is that is our true passion and love, we must freely pass it on to others.  The world would most certainly be sad if we didn't.

This message clearly resonated with me as I take what feels like baby steps toward my true calling. It was God's way of telling me,

       Don't give up, don't give up, keep moving forward, look at how far you have come, keep moving

I haven't written too much in weeks, perhaps its been a few months. Tonight I ask myself why. Because I am not writing what my soul wants to write, I am writing because I am demanding it of myself, for a purpose other than what my soul wants to write. I have discovered this does not work, our writing must come from the soul, the heart.  The world will know when it's not our truth. For truth comes from inside ourselves.  Its not something you think about, its something you know.

It's my promise to myself and I hope you will make it for yourself too, that you won't die with the music still in you. Do whatever it takes to bring it out and share it with the world.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Moon Shines Brightly Tonight

The moon shines brightly tonight through my kitchen window. I turn off all of the lights so that I may view it in all its glory against the darkness of the night sky. I take my tea cup upstairs, open the patio doors so that I may hear the sounds of the darkness. The insects are a buzz and cars can be heard from far away.  My street is quiet, not a soul around.  This I call tranquility. This I call peace. 

I never used to appreciate this time of night until a very dear, long distance,friend of mine and I would chat way into the wee hours of the morning about life, design, animals, favorite places we have been.  All the while we were chatting, we would listen to music together.  Songs my friend would share with me that I would never find on my own.  These were precious nights. I would almost go so far as to call them sacred.  Sacred to me anyway.  He gave me the gift of appreciating and embracing the stillness of the night instead of fearing it as I often did.

As I contemplate life on this beautiful, summer evening, I look back at these last couple years of my life and feel a sense of gratitude for the tremendous growth I have experienced as a person and the people I have met along the way. They might have been in my life for a short time, and others are still in my life but all of them have enriched my life in some way.

I can remember a time as a young girl when I desired the approval of others and now as a woman, I find it doesn't matter so much what others think or feel about me.  My mother sent me a Valentines Day card in the mail this past February and I have it sitting on my kitchen window sill as a reminder of who I am.  The front of the card has a light pink border with scrolls and flowers through it. And in the middle of the card is a little girl in a pink ballet leotard and tights, with a pink sweater-like headband around her head.  Her right arm is in the air and her left down at her side as she attempts to balance by the bar.  The saying of the card goes like this:

                                                 In the blink of an eye,
                                                      the little girl
                                                      who did pirouettes
                                                      down the hall
                                                      is dancing her way through
                                                      her own

                                               Your song has always been different
                                                  from those around you.
                                               Like you it is special and a unique thing
                                                  you alone can hear.
                                              I have loved watching you dance t
                                                              to it"

                                                  Loved you then
                                                   Love you now
                                                 Love you always.

                                                 Happy Valentines Day


As I sip my tea and listen to the night air, I honor that little girl still in me, dancing her way through Life, to my own song, the song that plays in my heart and is true to myself.  Thank you Mom.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Homeopathy, the medicine my Cat taught me. The next part of the story.

So Bailey and I ventured out to the country.  He really is a good boy in the car, not too much crying.  His crate sits in the passenger seat, front facing me so I can talk with him and see his eyes.  I know people think its crazy to talk to animals but they do understand the vibration and tone of our voices.  Cats are magical beings. They sense and feel things that are unseen.

We arrived at Dr. Koenigs office and there they were  Those statuesque, large animals that are so graceful as they run the beaches, roam the countryside and give us enjoyment as we ride them, stood right before us.  Bailey was fascinated with the horses as I took him out of the car in his crate.  He smelled the fresh air and didn't appear to be frightened or upset at all by being there.

Dr. Koenigs office was several rooms of a house, comfortable adorned with a round table and chairs, tables covered in wooly blankets, shelving filled with animal health books.  Bailey was intriqued more than scared (which is the typical feeling cats have as they enter the clinical setter of vets office).

She let Bailey walk around the office and get acquainted with the surroundings as she observed him and asked me quetions about his behavior, what he was eating, his medical history,  his attitude and disposition.  Rescue Remedy was used to ease his visit by wafting the dropper in front of his nose and rubbing it on the tops of his ears.  Our visit was an hour or so long with administration of acupuncture needles in various places and homeopathic remedies selected.  Yes, my cat actually sat and allowed acupuncture needles to be administered on his body.  He was that sick that he didn't fight us on it.  Now, five years later and much healthier, Bailey will push back and not be so willing to allow the treatment.

Never having been exposed to homeopathic medicine, I had no idea what to expect.  The concept of Homeopathy is that "like cures like", the sick patient is treated with the disease that caused the symptoms to occur.  It really is still quite hard for me to get my head around and I wouldn't have believed that it actually worked until I experienced it for myself.

I don't recall now what remedies we actually started with, all I can tell you is that Bailey has been treated with homeopathic remedies for almost  years now, with no side effects and has indeed gotten much healthier. 

Homeopathy is quite different than conventional medicine and at first it took some getting used to while we discovered what remedies were "a match" and which ones weren't.  You see with homeopathy the patient will react to the remedy if it is the right one that the patient needs or if it is even close to what they need. Typically, the patient will respond within 24 to 48 hours if the remedy is a match to what is ailing them.  The response can be subtle or it can be intense.  I remember one remedy where Bailey just licked himself raw and pretty much tore the first layer of skin off of his paw pad.  He bled all over my house.  I was frightened, not knowing what to do.  My first instinct was to run him to the emergency room, which I had done many times before.  And each visit to the emergency room, the prognosis was that there was no infection.  This time I called the holistic doctor beforehand and awaited her call.

 Stay tuned for part three.
             Love, Bailey

Monday, July 16, 2012

Homeopathy, the medicine my Cat taught me.

My cat Bailey was sent home to teach me about Homeopathy and with that came the lessons of patience, persistance and never ending love.  It was October 2006 and a crisp, fall day.  I had several pies in the works, apple and pumpkin and right in the middle of my pie baking session I decided I was going to bring the a new cat home.  I had hemmed and hawed about this decision over the last few weeks after seeing the cat at PetSmart. 

I already had two cats who were about 5 years apart in age and I really felt that the younger one, Ben needed a playmate.  So, with pies ready to be cooked  on the counter, I called up my girlfriend and said "hey, want to go get a kitten with me?"  She thought I was now going to be officially labeled a "Cat Lady" with three cats, but off we went to the pet store.

He was such a little go-getter, running around and playful.  I thought he would be perfect for my little boy Benjamin.  Excitedly, I told the women that I would take the cat and it was then that she told me, he came with a sister.  Ok, I came for one cat, not two!  But what could I do?  I wouldn't dare split them apart, they were family!  Tenth Chance Shelter was working with PetSmart to adopt the stray kittens they had found.  I couldn't say no to animals who had no home, so off we went, Kit and Kat with their adoption papers were now offically a part of my family and I would most definitely be called the crazy cat lady with four cats.

They were so adorable, little balls of black fur, they looked like they were related to Ben who also was all black.  That certainly wasn't intentional on my part to have three black cats but here we were.

Not minutes into the drive home, sneezes were being heard from the back seat of the car. Ok, maybe they had an itch or something.  We stopped for some cat food and other supplies and I decided to check in on the cats just to make sure they were ok.  Well, the one who was sneezing had discharge coming from his eyes and didn't look all that good.  Today, I can tell you it was Bailey.  I don't remember now who was Kit and who was Kat.  Thank god I changed their names to Bailey and Bella.

I got the cats home and made them comfortable in their own room.  Bailey looked like he didn't feel well and continued to sneeze. It was a saturday night, so no vets were open except the emergency clinic.  As I finished up the top crusts of the pies and slid them into the oven, the house began to smell like apples and pumpkin, the smells of autumn.

I checked in with the kittens every half hour, Bailey slept and raised his head every time I would come in the room but he still wasn't the rambunctuous cat that I had seen days before. I decided to call the emergency clinic at 10pm, as I was getting worried about him.  I knew that cats could die from respiratory illnesses if you didn't address them right away.  The clinic told me to watch him and if I felt he was getting worse, to bring him in.  They thought he would be alright until Monday. I wasn't so sure about that.

The night progressed with all the deliciousness of the pie smells and a contented household full of four furry friends settling in for the night.  I must of slept for all of an hour and just couldn't help myself.  I put on my robe and checked on Bailey at midnight.  His eye discharge was now getting worse and he wouldn't even lift his head off the bed.  Time to go to the ER!   I quickly scooped him up, put him in a crate and we were off to the clinic, on our very first night together. This little guy was not going to die on my watch.

The Emergency Room was packed at 12:30 and I could hear each tick of the clock in the waiting room as I anxiously awaited our turn. I put my hand in the front of the crate to touch Bailey so that I could reassure him that all would be ok. He laid there and looked at me with trusting eyes.  I could not let this little one down.

Finally, it was our turn and sure enough Bailey was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and was given antibiotics with orders to follow up with the vet on Monday. The vet confirmed calicivirus on Monday and we were sent home with yet another set of antibiotics.  I had a schedule taped to my refridgerator of what to give on what days and when. This cat was really sick and I had only had him for a few days.  The shelter told me they would take him back, but after I researched calicivirus and found out that its typically seen in cats who have lived in shelters, there was no way he was going back.    Bailey was mine to nurse back to health and love with all my heart. 

And that I have done and continue to do so every precious day we are together.

After a year or so of antibiotic and steroid therapy, I knew it was time to change course. All that I had learned about human healthcare had taught me enough to know that a constant diet of steroids suppresses the immune system and the patient/animal could surely die of  some other ailment.

The allergist that the conventional vet referred us to wanted to put Bailey under to test for about 5 different things, all with a drug therapy or chemotherapy outcome.  I told her that I would prefer that my cat not be put under anesthesia and then drugs and I knew intuitively that he did not have cancer! So, chemotherapy wasn't going to enter the picture and I wouldn't put him through that even if he did.
I told her that I thought there was another alternative approach and she looked at me like I had ten heads.  Well, I knew that there were a vast array of holisitc treatments and approaches to treat humans why wouldn't there be for animals as well.  She stated that she didn't know of any and I politely told her that Bailey and I would be going home and doing our own research to help heal him.

This started our journey together down the holistic healing pathway. And what an adventure it has been!  I found a vet in East Aurora, a small town outside of Buffalo, who practiced acupuncture, herbal and homeopathic medicine for cats and dogs.   Her name is Dr. Alisa Koenig .

This concludes the first part of our story. Won't you join us for part two?
                        Bailey and Mommy (aka Kimberley)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Taking a Step Back from Life

On Sunday, I drove out to my mom's house for a family gathering.  My brother and his wife are in town and my mom wanted us to see her newly renovated bathroom and mudroom. It had been quite a long time since we were all at my mothers house.  She lives about an hour away from my house in Sardinia, NY where the trees are all around you and the grass is such a lush green and goes on for miles and miles.

My week had been full to the brim with working, training at the gym, and a total focus on my personal goals. Every hour of the day was scheduled, even Saturday.  When sunday rolled around, all I wanted to do was sleep and play with my cats. Instead, I got up, went to the gym and started on the drive to my moms. The tears of frustration and fatigue were right at the surface and I knew any one thing could set them off. 

Sure enough, one of my dearest friends sent me a text just to check in and the tears started to come.  I knew I was at a breaking point.  Once again, I found myself in a place where I expected too much of myself and have piled way too much onto my plate. 

No time for crying, I knew I needed to get myself in gear or my mom would be really upset with me.  I was already over an hour late, because I wanted to get my workout in. So, I bought myself my favorite cinnamon chip muffin at wegmans, made some hazelnut coffee and headed on the road.

I popped in a Wayne Dyer CD, in hopes that this would calm my soul for the hour drive.

My mind focused on the road and the words that Dr Dyer spoke to me for the first 25 minutes, and then just as I began to pass the highway signs for East Aurora, quietude and calm entered my spirit and the stress began to drift away.  The trees hugged me like an old friend.  The memories of what it was like living in the country resurfaced.

I soon passed the Town of Wales and then, the Town of Holland embraced me just as it had many years ago.  It called out to my soul as I unconsicously slowed the car down.  I drank in the country style homes, the corner taverns, the small store fronts and the Bank of Holland on the corner. And then there they were, Joanne's house, my house, Marg's and across the street was Helen's.  Helen's house was for sale, that saddened me.  A sign that life continues to move on, despite the fact that you want time to stand still.  I wanted to stop and just breathe in the memories, but I knew I must continue on to my mom's, another 15 minutes away. 

My family was kind and only harrassed me for being late for about five minutes. The afternoon was delightful as some of the guys and my niece Shelby caught some sunfish and bass in the pond. The air was just right, not too hot,  not too cool. The summer sun shone brightly, and my nephews son Connor, who is all of 20 months old, was frolicking around the grass in his bare feet, shorts, shirtless and ringlet blonde hair. Dinner was casual with chicken and poultry sausage on the grill with sides of potatoe salad and baked beans. We couldn't have asked for a better day. 

All the while I was there, soaking up the country air, looking at the flowering lily pads and listening to the sounds of birds and insects, relishing time with my family, I wondered  to myself, how did I allow myself to get on the hamster trail again?  My mothers husband had a simple and profound answer for me as he was flipping the sausage in the grill, he simply said "Get out of your head and listen to your heart."

I had no reply, as I knew he was right.

Those five hours in the remote woods, in a log cabin house, brought me back to a place of peace and contentment, back to the simpler things I love.  Home, family, gardens, nature, animals.

Having resistantly drove out to my Mom's, I found myself reluctant to leave and even contemplated staying for the week.  Slowly, I made my way out of the driveway, smelling the air that was now turning crisp as dusk was soon approaching.  I love the summer, nightime air in the country, it has that certain smell about it.

I stopped the car before I made the turn onto the highway.  It was as if something inside of me was saying, No, don't go back, leave it all behind. As I pulled out, something else was saying, Get Moving! as the car behind me was going full speed ahead at 55 miles an hour! I put the pedal to the metal and was on my way. Apparently, the universe was not going to let me just sit there!

I savored every mile of that trip home.  And I even stopped in front of Marg's house to see many of her furniture out on the front porch.  Apparenlty, someone was trying to clean out the house finally, two years or so after she has passed on.  I starred for awhile and then turned my attention to Helen's house.  The trim around the windows had been painted but the exterior was still white as it always had been. I glanced at the house, that once mine, large but friendly. The porch swing that was a gift to me was still there and flower baskets were hung, just as I had done so many years ago.  I thought of stopping at Joanne's to see if anyone was home, but it was already getting late and I wanted to make sure I got home to spend some time with my cats, they had been alone quite a bit this weekend. 

My inner spirit had changed within a short time and I didn't want to let go of it.  That feeling of contentedness was missing in my life and I desperately wanted it back.

As I laid my head on the pillow that night, I brought myself back to the days that I lived in Holland.  I wanted to be there in my dreams.  I wanted to fill myself with that contentment and let it seep into my body so that I would never again lose sight of what is truly important and what isn't.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lessons Learned from Marquerite

My heart is warmed when I think of my friend Marquerite. Unfortunately she passed away almost two years ago now. I believe she died before she hit 100 years of age.  I wish I would have been able to see her beforehand.  Thankfully, I am left with the fond memories we created together and the teachings she left me.  I could probably fill a few chapters with what Marg taught me, but there is plenty of time to share those things perhaps in another book or wherever it is meant to be.

I guess one of the most profound lessons that Marg taught me is to be resourceful and that medicine doesn't necessarily have to cost a lot.  The medicine is oftentimes right in our kitchen or in some very old and inexpensive remedies.

This is a woman who never took antibiotics until she was in her early 90's and was hospitalized for a reason that has escaped me now.  I remember her telling me, "Kim, if they ever put me in a hospital again, please don't let them give me those drugs." "They do funny things to me."

Marquerite lived in the house right next door.  There were very few fences in Holland, New York so neighbors tended to visit a lot more with one another.  Isn't that wonderful! I have such fond memories of warm, summer saturday afternoons sitting on Marg's back porch with a cup of tea, overlooking the garden that was about the size of a large bedroom. Marg tended it mostly by herself which I found highly impressive at her age! She always ate fresh and seldom did she go out to eat.  That kind of thing was such a luxury to someone like Marg. When she did go out, she brought a doggie bag along with her so that she didn't waste the leftovers.!  She seldom had a drop of liquor either. 
      One time, I did start to have a drink with my dinner and then I found that I looked forward to it and sometimes missed it.  Then I knew I shouldn't drink if I felt like I missed it.

So, she never drank after that.  Is there some lesson here? Not so sure, other than Marg listened to her body and she did what she felt comfortable with.  As for me, I enjoy my cocktails as my friends well know.

One afternoon as we were sitting on the porch, I was sharing with her that I wasn't feeling all that great, I was having terrible menstrual cramps.  I had suffered from them since my early thirties. "Well, get a castor oil pack, that will cure them." A what? I replied?  A castor oil pack.  Haven't you ever heard of Edgar Cayce?  No, I sure didn't.  Marg went onto explain who Edgar Cayce was and how he was able to heal people.

For those of you who aren't familiar with this man, he lived in the 19th century and had an extraordinary gift of healing while putting himself in a sleep induced state.  He has been named the "father of holistic medicine." Not only did he have the ability to heal, he could also prophecy things to come and speak about how things came to be in years past. Somehow he had the ability to tap into the collective consciousness.

I have to admit I thought this was a bit far fetched! And a little "out there." But! she peaked my interest nonetheless. 

Marquerite got up from her porch chair, went into her home which was painted white on the outside, with plain and sturdy furnishings on the inside and left me for a few minutes to admire her garden and enjoy my tea.

She came out with a plastic bag that contained a piece of beige wool fabric and several pieces of paper that talked about Edgar Cayce and the healing properties of castor oil packs.  Marguerite told me that it would cure my premenstrual cramps. 

I wasn't a believer, but they were too bad not to try something other than popping tylenol with codeine every month!

I went home that afternoon, drove to the health food store in East Aurora and purchased some castor oil. Well, I am not sure what was in that castor oil, but man did the heating pad feel good and my cramps began to subside.  The instructions from Cayce were to apply the pack to the abdomen with a heating pad for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours for three days in a row and then rest for a few days and repeat.  There is a more thorough explanation and short video on this link:  I have used that trusty method for years now when my cramps get especially bad.  It always works! Always!  And, they would probably go away totally if I truly was committed to an hour a day for three days a week. We all take bits of information to see how it can apply to our lives and help our own circumstances.

There are many other lessons that Marg has taught me.  Perhaps they are worth another blog or two.  We shall see what moves me in the coming days, if lessons from other friends should be shared or if Marg has decided to visit for awhile until her message gets out to the world through my little blog.


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Health and Healing, Lessons Learned from Friends and Animals

I began writing this blog last saturday.  I took the time to contemplate it's content, which is why I have waited a week to post. It is my hope that someone will learn something new and start their own journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Good morning my readers,

It is a cold and rainy spring, Saturday morning.  It definitely evokes a writer to put pen to paper.  My home office overlooks the beautiful, majestic and old maple trees that line my street.  They are in full bloom right now and I so enjoy their luscious green color.  As I contemplate what my writing will be focused on today, awaiting inspiration, my mind wanders to the lessons I have learned from friends and animals about health and healing.

As most of my blog readers know, my cat Ben recently died of cancer and ever since then, I have had a very strong urge to eat even better than I have before and to understand why he developed cancer.  Was it the food I fed him? the stress of his sister Creep dying right after the house fire?, his brother Baileys alpha personality? something in our home environment? or was it something that I will never quite figure out?  Why do we have so much cancer in our world today? Everytime you turn around some knows someone that is suffering or dying from it and animals are getting sicker at younger ages.

Quite frankly I want to hear more about the wonderful food we now have available to us all year round, the thousands upon thousands of healthy recipes you can get on your computer, your IPhone, the people are accomplishing great things with their bodies at ages we never dreamed possible before! What about those 90 year old people who are running races and lifting weights and feeling the best they have ever felt?  I want to hear about the stories of animals that have been healed and what the healthiest foods are for them and how to keep them in their best shape.

I have always loved exercise,eating well and looking the best I possibly can.  Its been a passion of mine ever since I can remember. But now, more than ever before, eating "clean" and healthy is calling me. My mother is a cancer survivor and has been diagnosed with Celiac's.  My dad had high cholesterol and heart issues but has since been a total convert to supplements, ordering beef from an organic farm and eating lots of vegetables and fruits and juicing.  He is totally off his high cholesterol and heart medicine.  My dad is a pretty tenacious guy.  He had six stents put in his heart and was out pulling dry wall down not two weeks later! 

I have been very lucky as I am a very healthy woman who's only health issue is perimenopause and psoriasis.  I am stronger then I have ever been due to a committment I made to employ a personal trainer two years ago this month.  I lift weights three days a week and do some form of cardio 30-45 minutes, five days a week.

I came to study health and healing when my former husband and I are were trying to have a baby.  Diagnosed with infertility and suffering severe PMS symptoms in my thirties drove me to find ways to help my body become pain free and to heal itself.  During that same period, I met a dear friend and her husband who were vegetarian and avid students of alternative medicine. This was the start of a journey that would grip my curiosity and send me down paths I never dreamed over the last twenty years.

I have studied amazing, human holistic teachers such as Dr. Christiane Northrup Louise Hay,, Wayne Dyer,, Deepak Chopra, and Andrew Weil, ,Caroline Myss, and so many others .

My cats vets stand as my teachers in homeopathic and energy medicine. They are
Dr. Alisa Koenig DMV, located in East Aurora, NY, Dr. Donald Hamilton, DMV, in New Mexico and Dr. Cynthia Lankenau, DVM in Colden, NY. 

Recently, I have been following two amazing websites of women who I truly admire for their committment to health. Tosca Reno, and Kris Carr,
They are women who have embraced health at every level, physical, spiritual, mental.

What have I learned? What can I share with you so that you can begin to ask some of your own questions, answer some that you have pondered or simply be enlightened by some new bit of information?

Answer:  I have learned more than I can share on one blog! Hahahaha!

So perhaps what I can begin with is to talk about Lessons Learned from my 90 year old friend Marquerite with whom I spent precious moments with during my days in Holland, NY.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rainbow Hugs

So, I was driving home this evening after a lovely warm, family and friend filled birthday party for my good friends daughter.  It had been raining and cloudy all day. The feeling in the air was more fall like than spring.  As I was driving, I was thinking to myself how much I wished I had a special someone to share my life with and how nice it would be to snuggle under the covers with them on this damp and chilly evening. My heart felt a bit saddened.  I seldom feel lonely, but for whatever reason, tonight was one of those occassions where I really wanted to have someone to come home to. 

It was just then, that the sun came out from underneath the clouds and low and behold, there was a rainbow.  I hadn't seen a rainbow in so long.  It was almost as if God himself was telling me that he was right beside me and I truly was not alone. I was so grateful that the roads were very light this evening, it gave me an opportunity to just keeping looking at that rainbow in hopes that I would committ its beauty to memory.

The love of friends, the love of family, the love of God who quietly lets you know he is near.  And I will sleep peacefully knowing that All is Well!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Be Happy! Dance!

Love your Life! Everyday in everyway.  No matter what the circumstance, find something to be happy about today. 

There are so many things in life to celebrate and be joyful about.  Life is fragile and can be over in seconds.

Live your life to the fullest, every minute of every hour.  Cherish that chance meeting with friends you haven't seen in years, the sun that comes up everyday without any work on our part, the birds that sing, our animals that love us unconditionally, our family who loves us despite our shortcomings.

Over the last few weeks there has been so much mention of illness surrounding me that it has made me just want to jump up and dance and be so very grateful for the good health that I have and to strive everyday to be a better person than I was the day before.

Find something, anything to be grateful for and that makes you happy today.  Turn on the radio, watch a youtube video - get up dance and celebrate the life that is you!  I know I will be!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Exercise, a power packed word!

Exercise.  An eight letter word that is packed with such amazing benefits!  Why do we resist it so much when it feels so good?

In my life, exercise has been my friend.  It has helped my broken heart to heal on many occassions.

It has given me motivation. When I discovered I could actually see my body changing and those muscles in those arms, I knew I could do anything if I set my mind to it!

It has given me the courage to continue on.

It has made me stronger.  Stronger physically and stronger mentally. 

It has made me hopeful.  Hopeful that all really is well and that the world is really a great place to be in.

It has introduced me to new friends.

It has given me the energy to live a more vibrant life.

It has allowed me to eat that extra cookie when I feel like eating it!

It gives me the knowing that I can always push myself to do more than I believe I am capable of!

I encourage everyone to find an exercise they love and stick with it! And when you have mastered that one, find a new one and change it up! Your body and mind will love you for it! 


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Women, our beautiful selves

I popped into the grocery store today after a rigourous workout on the bike, clocking 9 miles and a high resistance level.  I was very proud that I made the gym a priority on a beautiful 90 degree day in Buffalo, NY.  My legs were throbbing and for the very first time, I dared to wear those yoga, type, boy shorts. 

I thought to myself, do I dare go into the grocery store looking like this?  I had a workout jacket in the car, so I thought why not.  I was proud of my very toned and muscular legs that I have earned with rigourous five day a week workouts. I put the jacket on and in I went.

I didn't have much time as my nephew was helping with yard work and I was picking up some things to serve him lunch.  I ran through the produce isle gathering lettuce and tomatoes, then onto the deli counter, trying not to be aware if anyone was looking at me strangely with those boy shorts on!

I grabbed a number at the counter.  Even though it was a beautiful day, it was still very busy at the grocery store.  It is always packed on a sunday and the deli area was no exception. As I stood there waiting my turn, I heard a woman giggling.  I turned my head to see this very little person, scantily clothed in a black dress, that barely covered her "glutes" with five inch sexy gator heels on.  Her hair, brunette with some blonde highlights. She couldn't have been more than a size two at best!  As if that wasn't bad enough!  She was holding a waffle sundae from Cold Stone Creamery! She stood next to her boyfriend who was wearing a casual red and black plaid shirt over tan shorts with flip flops who apparently was ordering some deli meats.

Yes, did I just want to shoot her? Absolutely! Here I was on a blistering hot day, working my own "glutes" on a bike at the gym and she is going to Cold Stone Creamery! I couldn't help myself, I leaned over to the man standing next to me at the counter that was intently starring at her, (what man wouldn't?) and said " I hate her!" He laughed and I laughed too.

Just then, my eyes went to another beautiful woman, waiting at the deli counter. She was blonde, a bright smile, small framed as well , but wearing a navy blue and white hankerchief like casual shirt over long grey shorts and flip flops. One child in the front seat of a large cart, the other child in the back of the cart in a car seat, with groceries surrounding him. 

I smiled at her, walked toward her and told her how beautiful her children were.  She thanked me, appearing a little frazzled.  She shared with me that he husband is out of town most of the time and that her children are adopted and that she didn't bear them.  I quietly looked at this woman of natural beauty and said " you bore them from your heart."  She smiled. 

Pondering three very different woman standing at the deli counter, it reminded me of how very different we all are, yet how precious and beautiful we are in our own ways.  The seductive youth, the natural love of a mother, resonating through her face, and the strength of woman determined to be as fit and toned as she can be.


Friday, May 18, 2012

Clean Eating and Sage advice from Holland, NY

Spring is in the air and summer will soon be upon us.  That means all the wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables will be available at the grocery stores and local farmers markets. I always look forward to visiting the markets with all the delectable smells and the variety of color, the fresh flowers that the growers bring with them.  Perhaps one of my most favorite parts about the local markets are the growers themselves. I love to spend the time to chat with them and get to know their unique ways of farming and get to know them as people. 

This is also a great time to focus on getting our eating habits back on track and feeding our bodies the very best food!  I know we hear it everywhere, but with our very busy lives do we really make feeding our bodies healthy foods a priority?  I know for me this will be a renewed focus over the next few weeks and months to come. 

"Clean eating" seems to be a new phrase these days, so I have taken the time to investigate what the intention is.  Clean eating is nothing more than a focus on eating foods that strengthen and sustain our physical selves.  Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean protein, fats that are the "good fats" and a certain amount of dairy.  No sugar! That's the hardest for me.  I can do without the pasta (which took me about a year of withdrawal, I only have it once in awhile now), I can pass on the white bread and white rice. But! I have the hardest time passing on sugar in my coffee and cookie every few days!

I learned long ago from two wonderfully wise women, who I met when living in Holland,NY, that moderation is the key to living a healthy life.  These women were in their mid to late 80's when I met them and they grew up when people cooked with lard!  These women were healthy and vibrant, going to church every sunday, involved in bridge, garden and book clubs.  The one woman who was approaching 90 still drove a car and visited those who were "shut-ins."  She is still one of my life mentors!  I will never forget her. 

So, as all of us in the year 2012 focus on clean eating, exercising and healthy lives, I ask us all to ponder the wisdom of these ladies.

More to come on these wonderful women in the following days of my blog.  I feel that you my readers, will fall in love with them just as I have!

Love and Light,

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Moving On with Your Life...

There are moments in time that we just know that its time to "move on." Life has its own way of moving us forward, even when we don't want to.  We reluctantly go, kicking and screaming.  Not wanting to walk away from our comfort zone.

Whatever you comfort zone is: your current job that you have been in for years, the weight you have been carrying around that feels like a huge burden, the relationship you just know isn't working for you

The signs come, sometimes big, sometimes by small whispers.  But they do come!  I encourage you my readers to listen, listen closely.

Make the decision to change your life!  You don't have to live trapped under that weight, in that relationship , in that job that you absolutely hate.  Make the decision.  You have choices.  We all do.  It's up to us and only us to take a different road.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saying goodbye and Saying Hello all at the same time!

So, several weeks ago, I posted a blog about my baby boy Ben.  I never ended up putting him down the next day after I wrote the blog. I am happy to say that God gave me many more weeks with my boy! He began improving and eating like a little champ.  He got to share some time with his sister Bella and he and I got some great cuddle time in!  Ben always liked to lay down next to me and put his paws on my face.  One particular night, when I was crying about him being so sick, he laid those little paws on my cheeks and wiped away my tears. He looked me straight in the eyes as he laid them on my face several times as if to say "Mommy don't cry, it will be ok."

He was making strides, gaining weight and wanting to once again play with some toys.  I was hopeful that he and I could turn this around.  However, God had another plan and my little boy died this past Tuesday because the cancer spread to his lungs.

I still long to hear him calling me when I walk in the door and look at me with those expressive eyes.  A friend of mine used to say that Ben would talk some day.  He did talk.  I always knew what he was saying to me.  He was a sweet, gentle, loving spirit.  The days have gotten a little better, yet the tears are still very close at hand.  Could I have tried something else?  I will never know and I must trust that I did the right thing by my little guy.

Some of you who are my dearest friends know that I named him after the little boy I always wanted.  Perhaps that is why this is so incredibly painful.  I don't know.  The little boy in my novel, soon to be published is named Ben as well. Perhaps the success of the book will be his gift to me.  I don't know.  What I do know is that I loved him like he was my child and that I miss him terribly.

My focus now must be to move my life forward and make my dreams come true.  I still have my crazy twins at home (cats that is! ) and they need my love and caring just as Ben did.

Here is to looking forward to brighter days ahead!    


Saturday, April 14, 2012

"In the midst of all of this,yes, I am making a shower curtain!" Mom

I love this quote.  I laughed when I heard it. It gave me a new perspective on looking at my life right now.

My mom was  raising four children and babysitting someone elses child during the day for some extra money. In addition, we had a dog or two, cats and perhaps the duck and the rabbit were in there somewhere.

The woman whose child my mom was caring for came into the house one day to see the four of us running around the house, playing with the dog, the rabbit was out of its cage and her daughter was joining in on the fun.  It was a bit loud and chaotic needless to say.

And there in the dining room, amongst the sounds of little feet and a barking dog, was my mother at the sewing machine making a shower curtain of all things. Calm as could be, the stitches as straight as a ruler, my mother looked up and greeted the woman who exclaimed " five kids, a dog and a rabbit running around and here you are making a shower curtain like nothing else is happening?"

My mom told me that the chaos never really phased her too much.  She just took it as a part of life.

Well, I just love that story because I wish I just had one ounce of that attitude that my mom had when chaos surrounded her in her home.

Right now, my cat Ben has made his little home in my master suite as he and I cure him from a cancer diagnosis.  My other two, Bailey and Bella have been sequestered to separate rooms in the house as they have decided that they were going to act out now that Ben is getting all the attention and start hissing, growling and fighting.  I rotate them daily down in the basement and on the first floor so they can get exercise and still know each others scent.  But, it is a challenge as most of the rooms in the house are closed off  to avoid any further cat confrontations.

As I was at my wits end this week with these goings on in my house, my mother shared this story with me.  I envied her calm spirit!

However, each day is getting better.  Ben is gaining weight, the other two are getting used to the new routine and I have found some holistic therapies to try and calm them down.  I can sense the peace coming back with each day.

A huge thank you goes out to my mother for sharing this story and helping me to keep it all in perspective. Perhaps I too will attempt to make a shower curtain!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The art of taking one day at a time. I never quite knew what that felt like until these last few years of my life.  I always thought you had to have goals and a plan and if you worked hard and played by all the rules, you would meet that goal.  Well, what if, that plan didn't work as you thought it was supposed to?  What if everything that you envisioned your life to be at this point - wasn't?  What if you didn't know how or when things were going to change for the better?  What if one day you just said to God, "you know what, I have no clue how this is all going to turn out and what the next steps are."  " How am I going to change this around so that truly all will be well once again? 

His answer:  Be still.  Surrender.

My response: Silence and a tear.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

When life interrupts the writer. Lord hear our Prayer.

My life in the last two months has put a complete halt to my writing.  I miss it terribly.  I haven't even had the time to write my Morning Pages, which is something I have done religiously for the last six years of my life.

The pieces of paper cry out to me, yet, my heart belongs to my feline family who have been in such need of me.  The focus,  the worry, the anger, the denial, the hope, the solution seeking of curing one who clearly wants to be well again.  The perplexing behaviour of two who at one time slept together in peacefullness, yet now fight at the mere smell of one another. 

Inside, my heart cries.  For the peaceful, loving and free life we all once had and yearn for once again. The tears flow from exhaustion, love, hope, grief of a life we had not long ago and the new life that is now forming,  yet unclear.

The pages yearn for the flow of my thoughts once again.  My hands seek to create.

Lord, hear my prayer for myself and my feline family. That we may have our peaceful, loving and free life we so desire. That the time for my writing and all the other things I so love in my life reappears. That our little Ben's wellness overcomes whatever is ailing him.

Lord hear our prayer.

Kimberley, Ben, Bailey and Bella.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

May I have Just One More Day

A friend of mine lost her father recently and her facebook post said " if only I could have just one more day."  I totally understand where she is coming from!  Today, my little boy Ben (he is a cat) was diagnosed with stomach cancer. All I can do now is love him up and make him comfortable until he gets put down tomorrow.  Words cannot express how much saddness is in my heart right now. He is a very sensitive, loving, sweet little boy.  He has weathered many traumatic life experiences with me, unemployment, a mother diagnosed with cancer (and I cannot thank God enough for her recovery!), a house fire, two new cats to the household - who are hell on four legs!, and worst of all boyfriend breakups!

He has also seen many a family party full of life, laughter, lots of hugs and several bottles of wine! He has seen my wonderful nieces and nephews grow up to be amazing people and the birth of my nephews little boy Connor.  Together, we moved back into our newly renovated, beautiful home.

Ben always loved to be in the kitchen with me, on the counter watching me cook.  He loves catnip - its like a drug to him.  He learned from his older sister, how to wake me up at 4am to eat and he would sit behind me on  my desk chair every time I was at the computer. 

I named him after the son, I was not blessed with.  Maybe that is why my heart is so filled with grief right now. 

I will miss him more than he knows. 

This my little one I say to you... you will live on in my heart always and someday when the day comes where God calls me to the sunshine, you and your sister will join me and once again, I will see you harrass her and she get annoyed, and I will see her sit like the Queen she was and you will be frolicking around with your catnip and that scarehair that you were born with.  We will be reunited my little one, so don't worry, you will be in my arms once again.

I love you my little benboy.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Life Happens...

Life Happens when you are trying to build your dream life.  Pets get sick and need our attention, work calls and something happens that sets you back a bit on an emotional level and rebuilding your financial life takes a high priority.  Yet, that still small voice whispers " remember me? - I am still here, I didn't leave you."

I have missed you my readers and I have missed putting pen to paper.  Yet, I know it only takes one step at a time to get back on the path.

No matter how much life throws at you, don't ever forget that dream that flickers like a candle.  Sometimes it seems faint and we can barely see it, and at other times, it burns ever so strongly. Yet, it still burns on, awaiting us to carry it onto to its destination.

Much love and light to you my friends,


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Ok, so this mornings' blog is about these yummy little donuts that I love so much!  They come out only during the lenten season and I look forward to them every year! They are soo good!

Those of you who know me on a personal level, know that I love to cook and bake and I love to make treats that are celebrations of the seasons. This particular little donut looks like a little rectangle, deep fried and covered in powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar. 

Traditionally, they were made on Fat Tuesday, the day before lent starts as a way to empty the cupboards of lard, sugar and butter.  Thank god for tradition I say!

As for me, the tradition started when I was in my twenties and I dated a guy whose Mom would make them herself from scratch.  That was my first experience with them and I have been hooked ever since!

I know, for a girl who works out at the gym five times a week and is a healthy eater, blogging about a fatty donut.  Well, all I have to say is that I also really enjoy my life and I splurge on occassion, especially during holiday seasons.

 After all, life is meant to be savored and enjoyed and what better way to do it than through food!

I highly recommend you seek out a bakery in your area and try these little treats - they are yummy!

Happy Eating!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Missing Dear Friends....

And those friends are you my blog readers!

 I haven't written a blog in quite awhile and I am so missing all of you so much.  Fortunately for me, God/The Universe, whatever you call the Higher Power you believe in, has answered some of my deepest prayers and those answers have occupied my time over the last few weeks. 

They are presents that have seemed to arrive at just the right time.  As they always do. 

And when I take a step back to reflect after the events of these weeks, I ask myself - why do I become so fearful and so distraught with worry, when I know that truly "life has a way of taking care of itself." I guess I just need to keep learning this until it seeps into the depths of my being.

"Trusting the process of life and knowing that all of our needs are met and we are safe" is now one of my life mantras from Louise Hay.  One of my life's teachers.

I look forward to talking with all of you more this week and hearing how your lives are going.

With Love and Much Happiness,


Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Fresh Piece of Basil

I walked through the grocery store tonight, after a long day, just yearning to go home and crawl under the covers. It was cold outside and I hadn't slept much last night.  I was hungry but knew there was no way I was going to cook when I got home.  As always, I spend most of my time in the fruit and vegetable aisle. I was looking at all the colors displayed in the Wegmans produce section.  The bright oranges, the reds of the apples, the green celery, the blue berries.  I found myself yearning for spring and summer and all the special salads and fruit pies.  It feels so good to eat well.

I strolled through the aisle soaking it all in and remembering the delicious sweetango apples my friend grows in his farm in Kendall, NY.  I wait for them each year now. And those delicious donut peaches! Yum!

I bumped right into the tomatoes and saw one of my most favorite herbs - Basil!!!!!!!!  I love italian cooking and italian food and caprese salad is just heaven for me!  The basil plants were sitting there amongst the tomatoes and I just had to pick off a piece and start smelling that little basil leaf! 

I know some people don't appreciate the sensuousness (is that a word? lol!) of food but I sure do!  I took that little basil leaf and rubbed it and smelled it all through my trip to Wegmans.  I closed my eyes and thought about that caprese salad with fresh slices of the summers tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella, drizzled with balsamic dressing.  My mouth is watering as I write this.

So, a little bit of summer on a very, crisp, cold winter night! 

And what of the basil leaf?  Hahaha.  I ate it as I bumped into a dear friend in the fresh bread section! Nothing like a sandwich tomorrow with basil, mozzarella, proscuitto and tomatoes on fresh italian, crusty bread!  I am truly a food lover!