Thursday, September 4, 2014

What Do I Know

What Do I Know

1.)  I know that there are "10" ways to get something accomplished.
I find myself saying this all too often these days.  As I wind down my career in the Health Care Industry and enter into my full time creative life, I struggle with getting everything accomplished that I need to in a day.  So many demands coming from every area of my life, people trying to squeeze every last ounce out of me before I leave my corporate job and my creative life is bursting at the seams for me to pay attention to it!

And so, I step back and contemplate how I can prioritize and delegate to get to the goal line of some of these tasks. Knowing that things always get done, I am reminded this morning of something I was taught by Abraham Hicks.  Write down a list and ask the Universe to handle some of the things I just can't get to.

Crazy? Yes! Does it Work! Yes! I have used this tool countless times and it works everytime!

Tony Robbins also has a great way to prioritize our lives and it's called the RPM system.
Check it works well. It takes some "rethinking" on our parts, but definitely effective!

2.) I know that I am afraid to leave my corporate job but I am doing it anyway!  It's a calling that needs to be answered, that has whispered to me the quiet hours of the morning on a daily basis for five years now.  That whisper, turned into a gentle nudge and friendly reminders, then it moved itself to a voice that said "hey!" I called you to do this! In a sweet and loving way. And now, that voice is standing next to me like a strong man who lovingly but very firmly says "it's time", "come" and you know by looking in his eyes, that look of determination that burns into your soul, that you do not fight it, you submit to it.

3.) I know that I am walking into an unknown pathway that will be an amazing journey one with twists and turns that I can't even imagine right now. I am truly excited to see what is to come!

4.)  I know that the Universe/God, whatever your beliefs are has shown me in countless ways, that I am on the right track.  My friend said he will finish his edits on my book by Monday of next week.  I was introduced to a professional editor/author this week and had a great conversation with her.  It turns out we have so much in common and we really connected. I met a wonderful person yesterday, who I am delighted to help her create a new look for herself  and I have guests in the house that were only to stay two nights, who have turned into family and are staying for two weeks. We are sharing our lives together for a short time and it is truly wonderful to be exposed to their culture, taste the food they are preparing and listen to the stories of life in China.

5.) I know that I am grateful everyday for life's blessings that are bestowed upon me everyday!

My Dear Readers,  say thank you everyday! Listen to that still small voice that becomes a strong scream in your heart! Keep moving forward, don't look back unless it makes you smile.


Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What Do I Know

What Do I Know

1.)  I know that when someone arrives at my doorstep and says, "my girlfriend is sick" that of course,
        I will help them. It's who I am!

2.) I know that changing your mental thought patterns, developed over many years, takes a lot of work
        and determination. It's a minute by minute job, but it is so worth it to make your life a happier, healthier
          place to be!  Trust me, I have been working on it for years and continue to do so. Yes, my life
        has changed as a result in so many wonderful ways and I look forward to even better changes in the
         days and years to come!

     A big thank you! to my teachers, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Oprah Winfrey, Napolean Hill and Will Smith.


4.)  I Do Know that I was put on this earth to make a difference in people's lives.

5.)  I Do Know that we need to listen to our inner voices, to answer our callings, to breakthrough our fears, focus on the goal, and be so determined to achieve our dreams that absolutely nothing will stop us!

Have a Glorious Day My Dear Readers, shoot for your dreams," find what you love both in your work and in your personal life and if you haven't found it yet, keep looking." I love that quote from Steve Jobs! 


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What Do I Know

What Do I Know

1.) That the first days of September are still hot and muggy, but the earth shows us signs of the Autumn to come as some leaves start to fall, the Mums are out at the nurserys and the daylight becomes less.

2.) That the first days of September have school buses out on the roads and we need to allow for more time to get to work, but do I ever do that? No! :)

3.) That the first days of September always remind me of "new school clothes", No. 2 pencils , the smell of a new eraser and colorful new notebooks!  I was always super excited for the new school year when I was a kid. I loved school! Learning was so fun and I adored my teachers and I loved coming home to whatever treat my Mom created for the day!  My Mother was always so organized getting four kids off to school, we always had a good breakfast in our stomachs and we had our lunches packed with our favorite sandwiches.

I still get excited for the new school year, for me it's more of a beginning than the New Years's Holiday. Perhaps its because I have always had a love for school, researching, reading, projects and homework!

I love to watch the kids get on and off the bus and to celebrate in my own little way, I treat myself to some new, colorful "school supplies" of my own.

4.)  The first days of September still have us wearing shorts and short sleeved shirts when all I am interested in wearing are the newest sweaters and boots for the Fall season!

5.)  The first days of September have us realizing that autumn and winter will be upon us soon and we need to be thinking about covering our late blooming flowers when the first frost hits (thank you Marguerite Kirkby for that little gift that I will cherish forever!), planting spring bulbs and renewing our snow plow contracts!

My Dear Readers, enjoy these last days of summer, have a few more hot dogs on the grill, some ice
cold beers and bask in the heat.  The crips autumn days are coming, I am so very excited!