Thursday, July 26, 2012

Homeopathy, the medicine my Cat taught me. The next part of the story.

So Bailey and I ventured out to the country.  He really is a good boy in the car, not too much crying.  His crate sits in the passenger seat, front facing me so I can talk with him and see his eyes.  I know people think its crazy to talk to animals but they do understand the vibration and tone of our voices.  Cats are magical beings. They sense and feel things that are unseen.

We arrived at Dr. Koenigs office and there they were  Those statuesque, large animals that are so graceful as they run the beaches, roam the countryside and give us enjoyment as we ride them, stood right before us.  Bailey was fascinated with the horses as I took him out of the car in his crate.  He smelled the fresh air and didn't appear to be frightened or upset at all by being there.

Dr. Koenigs office was several rooms of a house, comfortable adorned with a round table and chairs, tables covered in wooly blankets, shelving filled with animal health books.  Bailey was intriqued more than scared (which is the typical feeling cats have as they enter the clinical setter of vets office).

She let Bailey walk around the office and get acquainted with the surroundings as she observed him and asked me quetions about his behavior, what he was eating, his medical history,  his attitude and disposition.  Rescue Remedy was used to ease his visit by wafting the dropper in front of his nose and rubbing it on the tops of his ears.  Our visit was an hour or so long with administration of acupuncture needles in various places and homeopathic remedies selected.  Yes, my cat actually sat and allowed acupuncture needles to be administered on his body.  He was that sick that he didn't fight us on it.  Now, five years later and much healthier, Bailey will push back and not be so willing to allow the treatment.

Never having been exposed to homeopathic medicine, I had no idea what to expect.  The concept of Homeopathy is that "like cures like", the sick patient is treated with the disease that caused the symptoms to occur.  It really is still quite hard for me to get my head around and I wouldn't have believed that it actually worked until I experienced it for myself.

I don't recall now what remedies we actually started with, all I can tell you is that Bailey has been treated with homeopathic remedies for almost  years now, with no side effects and has indeed gotten much healthier. 

Homeopathy is quite different than conventional medicine and at first it took some getting used to while we discovered what remedies were "a match" and which ones weren't.  You see with homeopathy the patient will react to the remedy if it is the right one that the patient needs or if it is even close to what they need. Typically, the patient will respond within 24 to 48 hours if the remedy is a match to what is ailing them.  The response can be subtle or it can be intense.  I remember one remedy where Bailey just licked himself raw and pretty much tore the first layer of skin off of his paw pad.  He bled all over my house.  I was frightened, not knowing what to do.  My first instinct was to run him to the emergency room, which I had done many times before.  And each visit to the emergency room, the prognosis was that there was no infection.  This time I called the holistic doctor beforehand and awaited her call.

 Stay tuned for part three.
             Love, Bailey

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