Monday, April 16, 2018

There is No Tomorrow

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It's Monday morning and I am proud to say that I am starting my second week of 5:45 am workouts!

No, it isn't easy . It's dark outside and the weather isn't friendly.

But, I am using my pent up energy and emotions to drive myself to do something positive.

When I feel this way, workouts always fuel me back to center.

I am determined to get my fitness life back on track and heal a wounded heart.

So many of my life's dreams have been on hold for one reason or another.

But no more.

The rocky movies always have inspired me and I continue to use them as fuel even today.

One of the scenes with Apollo Creed has Rocky tiring and not giving his all.

Apollo asks him "what's the matter with you?" , and Rocky replies "tomorrow".

Apollo yells at him and says "There is No Tomorrow!?"

Well, I can so relate to Rocky . We all feel like giving up sometimes.

We have procrastinated our dreams because we are afraid.

We come up with all kinds of excuses why things are the way they are.

We allow our lives to get in the way.

We grieve over the loss of those we have held so dear and those who have walked out of our lives for reasons unknown.

We stay stuck in the same ruts we have created for years.

But, the great thing is we have choices and we must stand up for ourselves , pull up our bootstraps and say to ourselves "There is No Tomorrow" - we must fulfill our dreams and our hearts desires, despite what life throws us.

Here is to a great Monday Morning and Going After your Dreams!


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Believe in Yourself, Listen to Your Own Truth

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These words came to mind this morning as I sat quietly preparing for my day.

I have had a few sleepless nights and very early 5:45 am work outs.

My body is tired and my heart is trying to heal..

Yet, I listen to that still small voice inside of me that says..

Believe in Yourself, Listen to Your Own Truth, ..not anyone elses..

So many times in life we are presented bumps in the road that come unexpectedly..

We doubt, we question, we get angry and we hurt..

The tears come... for so many reasons..

Disappointment , loss, dreams not yet realized..

The tears dry at least for a little while ..

And once again, we are reminded..

Believe in Yourself, Listen to Your Own Truth

Is it easy? Sometimes not.

But we must find peace.. through all of life's challenges..


Believe in Oneself and Listen to Our Own Truths