Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Magic of Ordinary Days

I saw the trailer for a movie with this title on Hallmark Channel. It struck me.I have been thinking about it most the night.

Most of us take our daily life for granted. The daily ritual of feeding our animals, getting the mail out of the mailbox, throwing in a load of laundry, kissing your spouse goodbye as they head to work.

But aren't these life's little treasures? If someone told you that you would soon die, would you not cherish these little moments and see them through different eyes?

The movie was about a love story of a pregnant woman in the 1800's who was from a wealthy family and she was sent to marry a man she didn't even know . The story actually ends up to be a beautiful one, with a happy ending. Of course, I like it, because I love happy endings.

As I contemplated this through a night where sleep was not coming to me, I thought of a man I recently met on a dating site. Our first date was for coffee. I am not thrilled about coffee dates, I find them really awkward. However, this one turned out to be a surprise . He was one of the most unique people I have met in quite some time. We ended up taking a walk on Main Street through a town called Williamsville and enjoyed the warm, summer evening together. The conversation was interesting and enjoyable - a far cry from a lot of first dates that I have had.  I went to bed smiling, finally a man who peaked my interest both intellectually and physically.

Our next date turned out to be a walk in the park with his dog, Annabelle , a sweet German Shephard, watching fireworks from afar so the dog wouldn't be frightened and getting ice cream afterwards.

I couldn't think of a more perfect summertime date. He was a perfect gentleman and no, it wasn't some elaborate restaurant , it wasn't a drink at a bar - it was a simple walk to enjoy the night sky , with a dog a man and some ice cream. But, I was so happy. Ordinary and simple.

Sadly, it turns out that he isn't ready to enter into a relationship, but the gift of this simple date is something I will cherish.

As I think about dating and "finding your soulmate" - isn't it the magic of ordinary things, enjoying the simplicity of life together that really matters?

Isn't it the small things in life that really create our magic? I think of another man I dated during college who surprised me by dropping off a card and a candy bar in my car overnight to say that he was thinking about me, loved me and would be there for me through my parents divorce. That has always stuck in my mind.

It is these things , these everyday, simple things that we need to cherish. Yes, the trips we take on our bucket list, graduations and weddings are wonderful celebrations to be remembered.

But I ask you, if you were to have another few months, wouldn't you cherish, seeing the moon in your kitchen window , see the flowers bloom in your garden and the smiles of those you love?

A special thank you to the man who I strolled in the park with, along with his dog and enjoyed the ice cream on this Fourth of July. You gave me back the gift of magic in ordinary days.

Love and Light,