Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The art of taking one day at a time. I never quite knew what that felt like until these last few years of my life.  I always thought you had to have goals and a plan and if you worked hard and played by all the rules, you would meet that goal.  Well, what if, that plan didn't work as you thought it was supposed to?  What if everything that you envisioned your life to be at this point - wasn't?  What if you didn't know how or when things were going to change for the better?  What if one day you just said to God, "you know what, I have no clue how this is all going to turn out and what the next steps are."  " How am I going to change this around so that truly all will be well once again? 

His answer:  Be still.  Surrender.

My response: Silence and a tear.

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Anonymous said...

My darling daughter,
Remember God gave you those dreams and goals. He made you the wonderful person you are.Don't ever give up on them,just let life happen because my love life is what happens on the way to...Look at all you HAVE ACCOMPLISHED and take pride in it. Maybe what is too come will be different but better than what has been.