Monday, June 27, 2011

Anzalone Lighting Inc.; A LightingTreasure in Lockport, New York

If you have never been to Anzalone Electric/Lighting in Lockport, New York, you must make a trip to their showroom!  Why? because they have The Best lighting selection within the Western New York area.  And the owner, Linda Anzalone, is one of the nicest people I have ever met!  Linda has her customers interest at heart - ALWAYS!  Linda will work with you no matter if it takes 15 minutes, a few hours or several days to make the right decision for your house and your space.  She is patient, kind and always manages to suggest just the right lighting for your space, even if you would have never chosen the lights she shows you.  In the end, she is usually right!

Three years ago, I had an unfortunate circumstance happen whereby I had a housefire and needed to renovate almost my entire house.  As I searched and searched for the right lighting for my "new" house, I was coming up empty.  One day a friend of mine suggested I try Anazlone lighting in Lockport, NY.  I said "who?"

My friend took me out to their showroom and I was overwhelmed to say the least! There are lights everywhere! Hanging from any space they could find! Lol!  I left that day saying, that is just too overwhelming, I can't buy lights from there!

Well, two weeks later I was back buying almost $10,000 in lights for every room in my newly renovated home.  Linda Anzalone came to my house and spent countless hours in her store with me, pouring over lighting books. She knew I wouldn't be happy until I saw "them".  "Them" being the exact lighting that resonated with me. 

I know what your saying to yourself.. Kimberley.."its lighting".. but plays such an important role in the design of a space.  It can create a space that says -come sit here and read a book with  me or it can create a space that says " have a family dinner" here..or it can so ..oh..too harsh.. tone it down! hahahaha...

So, when you are looking to renovate your family room, bedroom, kitchen..don't under estimate the role lighting plays in the overall design.  Its just as key as flooring, countertops and furniture.

Visit Anzalone Lighting and discover the endless possibilities that await your room!
                 6208 Shimer Drive, Lockport NY 14094     (716) 433-4973
Oh and tell Linda that I sent you! Lol!

With love and lighting,


Saturday, June 25, 2011

P.S. Accessories and the Hertel Avenue, Shop, Rock and Stroll Event in Buffalo New York

You must check out this new clothing and accessories store I just discovered on Hertel Avenue in Buffalo, New York, by the name of P.S. Accessories!  My hairdressers mother and sister own the store, however, I had never been to it until this past week.  I checked it out last weekend and bought the cutest black and white ruffled blouse to wear with skinny jeans and leggings along with a wide bangle bracelet.

So, what would you say those two items cost me? $110 to $120 depending on where you bought them? If you were in NYC probably more.. but that price would probably be an average price range for a city like ours.

Here's the amazing thing!!!!!!  I walked out of there with a $37 bill! Do you believe it!  I cannot wait to wear the blouse today!  Its a print that looks like a contemporary painting with swirls of black on a white background, with a hint of silver mixed in - so excited!

All of their items are so reasonably priced. Most of the dresses and blouses ranging from $15 to $30 and their accessories are in that price range as well!  In fact, I keep thinking about this little yellow, cloth clutch that I found - for $15 that I must take on my trip to California next week!

While I was at the shop last weekend, I discovered that the entire block of Hertel Avenue where P.S. Accessories is located has an event once a month called Shop, Rock and Stroll.

So, I called up my girlfriend and said "hey, let's check this out".  Last night we scoped out a great new little Italian restaurant close by the clothing store called Guttuso's North End.  It was yummy! The wait staff was very attentive and the owner stopped to check on us as well.  They don't have their liquor license yet, so , bring your own bottle with you if you decide to stop by!

After we drank entire an bottle of cabernet savignon and had our bellys full of delicious pasta.. we strolled down the street to P.S. Accessories where there was a warm, inviting welcome at the door.

The shop was filled with customers just chatting away with the owners Patti and Sara - a mother, daughter team.  They were so very helpful to everyone.  You could feel the care and kindness in the air.

We had such a delightful time just checking out all bright clothes of summer, sky blue and orange dresses, sunshine yellow halter tops with ruffled, the unusual bangles and colorful matches necklaces and earrings. 

Here is a big hint for all you ladies that love to shop ... Patti and Sara have some very unique pieces in their store, so try it on before you buy it because they only order a select amount.  That is the beauty of boutiques such as P.S. get one of a kind merchandise!  And everyone will want to know "where did you get that blouse - I love it!"

I cannot let you go before I tell that P.S. Accessories were gracious hostesses by providing their customers with chocolate covered strawberries, brownies and cookies.  And did I forget to tell you , a glass of wine as well! Hahaha.. The "icing on the cake - so to speak".

Well, enough of me talking about them.. you need to check out P.S. Accessories for yourself! 

Here is their link:

Have Fun,