Friday, September 11, 2020

Let this be our Prayer today

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 Let this be our Prayer today...

God, unite our country once again as we did that horrible day in our nation's history, 19 years ago today.

As we all stood watching , all of us, no matter what we look like - we stood and watched. 

We all know where we were, where our loved ones were. 

We all , all of us stood watching , not just that morning, but throughout the day as men and women , policemen, firemen, clergy,  the average person wanting to help- fought the flames to save their fellow man.  We didn't care about politics, race, it didn't matter - we came together to help each other.

Let it be our prayer today that we unite once again. That we come together as a nation. 

Heal our nation today God. Grant us peace. Let us spread your Grace, your Love to all our brothers and sisters. 

Let it be our Prayer today that unity and love once again prevail over our sweet Land of Liberty.