Thursday, October 25, 2012


The blank page calls me to it.  We have not made love in what seems like an eternity.  Made love in the purest sense of being so connected that two become one. The page  hears my words but does not judge.  The page listens and wipes away my tears. The page provides a resting place for my soul. The page laughs with me even when my jokes aren't really funny because I can never remember the punch line!  The page is the confidant of my innermost secrets and thoughts. The page never lets me down and is always there for me, whenever I call.

You my dearest friend, no matter how long its been, no matter what the words say, or dont say, you are always by my side. You love me with unconditional love like no other. Each day with us can be a new adventure or a time for reflection. You, give me peace and joy.

You are my lover who never criticizes or hurts.  You are my lover who brings music to the silence of the night. You are my lover who places his hand between my breasts and calms my inner being.

You, the blank page that comes to me and asks me in, forever and always.