Sunday, July 19, 2015

Julia Cameron's , the Artist Way and Tim Ferris

This morning at around 5am, I forced myself out of bed because sleep was just not coming to me. I tossed and turned all night as grief filled my heart for a friend who has made a decision to return to his hometown in Europe. We have only known each other for a few short months, but he had made an impact on my life of which he is probably unaware of. The night sky was filled with lighting and thunderstorms, unsettled and needing expression. I knew how Mother Nature felt. And I knew what I needed to do to ease the pain of my heart. I needed to write and I needed my trusted cup of coffee!

So, I got up and I quietly went downstairs to the kitchen (so as not to disturb the guests in the house) and started making my coffee and fed the cats. The smell alone of the cinnamon in the coffee was starting to soothe my heart.

The cats got fed and I poured my coffee in trusty red mug and I went upstairs to write my Morning Pages. I grabbed a book on Gratitude that I have been reading and re-reading over the last few months. The book is titled, The Magic, by Rhonda Byrne. She is the woman who is infamous for writing The Secret.

I knew I needed to do something to look at life from a different perspective and to start feeling better. And I knew that little book would help. And so, I read and I started writing.

As I wrote my thoughts drifted and I was compelled to look at my personal facebook page. And what did I find but Tim Ferris's blog on writing The Morning Pages.

As always, the Universe brings things to me just when I need them. So, I stopped my own writing to read what Tim's blog had to say. His words soothed my soul because he dared to bare his emotions, this man who I have admired from afar for so many years. At the end of his blog there is an opportunity to leave a comment, and I did. A long comment. A heartfelt comment that I wrote as if I were writing a letter to him. The words flowed easily and effortlessly from my heart as they often do when my heart feels broken.

Tim doesn't let comments get published until they are reviewed, I do the same. So, my words cannot be seen as of yet. Does it matter to me that they be seen by the world? No. What matters is that I wrote them and that I feel better. The night storm has passed and the sun has shone itself on the maple trees outside my office window.

Just like Psalms 30:5 says: "Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning."

Thank you Tim Ferris, thank you Julia Cameron for the practice of "The Morning Pages." I am grateful to you both. Tim, if you happen to read my comments and hop on over to my blog page and read this, I would love to meet you! You truly are an inspiration to me!

For those of you who would like to read Tim Ferris's blog post that I am refering to, here is the link:

Blessings to Everyone on this Sunday Morning,


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Starting Over Again, My Journey Back to the Gym

Well, it's been almost six months since I last wrote a blog. Why? Because I have spent the last seven months of my life focusing on healing my body from so many things, it seemed like it was one thing after another!

I am happy to say that I have started working with my trainer again after almost a year. It's a slow go for sure! It's only been three days with him and I could barely make it through the third workout. In fact, I sat in the parking lot at the food Coop and just started to cry. Everything hurt! My back, my thighs, my hamstrings.

Good lord, I remember the day when yes, I would have been sore but it wouldn't have felt like this!

Jeff has been with me through a lot of life changes and he stays by my side keeping me going and my eyes on my fitness goals.

So, what happened? Well, I shared some of the story with you in the blogs in February (probably more detail than you would ever want to know!) But the story unfolded as the months went on.

It seemed as I addressed each issue, yet another one would come up. Was I ever going to regain my energy and be the person I once was?

A diagnosis of atypical ductal hyperplasia turned into lymphatic congestion, hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue, iodine levels being extremely low, a thyroid nodule being found. I just wanted my energy back so I could do the things I loved to do and working out with my trainer was at the top of that list!

How did I deal with all of those things? I did my research, I contacted alternative health care practitioners that I knew would help guide me and I changed my life! I left my stressful corporate job, I started eating foods to support me and I stopped eating foods that weren't doing that. Coffee being one of them! Yikes- my favorite thing on the planet! It's right up there with alcoholic beverages, sex and shopping!

Was it hard? Yes! Were there days I sat and cried out of frustration and discouragement? Yes! Did I give up? NO!  My health and fitness will always be my number one priority!

Now, I am in a great place of recovery. I am feeling content and happy to be where I am. I have learned a whole lot and I have started sharing my knowledge so that others can learn from my experiences.

And, I am reunited with Jeff and deadlifts and squats!! It will take time, but I am better than I was before! A much healthier version of me!

With Gratitude,