Saturday, April 14, 2012

"In the midst of all of this,yes, I am making a shower curtain!" Mom

I love this quote.  I laughed when I heard it. It gave me a new perspective on looking at my life right now.

My mom was  raising four children and babysitting someone elses child during the day for some extra money. In addition, we had a dog or two, cats and perhaps the duck and the rabbit were in there somewhere.

The woman whose child my mom was caring for came into the house one day to see the four of us running around the house, playing with the dog, the rabbit was out of its cage and her daughter was joining in on the fun.  It was a bit loud and chaotic needless to say.

And there in the dining room, amongst the sounds of little feet and a barking dog, was my mother at the sewing machine making a shower curtain of all things. Calm as could be, the stitches as straight as a ruler, my mother looked up and greeted the woman who exclaimed " five kids, a dog and a rabbit running around and here you are making a shower curtain like nothing else is happening?"

My mom told me that the chaos never really phased her too much.  She just took it as a part of life.

Well, I just love that story because I wish I just had one ounce of that attitude that my mom had when chaos surrounded her in her home.

Right now, my cat Ben has made his little home in my master suite as he and I cure him from a cancer diagnosis.  My other two, Bailey and Bella have been sequestered to separate rooms in the house as they have decided that they were going to act out now that Ben is getting all the attention and start hissing, growling and fighting.  I rotate them daily down in the basement and on the first floor so they can get exercise and still know each others scent.  But, it is a challenge as most of the rooms in the house are closed off  to avoid any further cat confrontations.

As I was at my wits end this week with these goings on in my house, my mother shared this story with me.  I envied her calm spirit!

However, each day is getting better.  Ben is gaining weight, the other two are getting used to the new routine and I have found some holistic therapies to try and calm them down.  I can sense the peace coming back with each day.

A huge thank you goes out to my mother for sharing this story and helping me to keep it all in perspective. Perhaps I too will attempt to make a shower curtain!


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Anonymous said...

Just write a book called Get the Dog off My Shower curtain because you are living the story!