Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Missing Dear Friends....

And those friends are you my blog readers!

 I haven't written a blog in quite awhile and I am so missing all of you so much.  Fortunately for me, God/The Universe, whatever you call the Higher Power you believe in, has answered some of my deepest prayers and those answers have occupied my time over the last few weeks. 

They are presents that have seemed to arrive at just the right time.  As they always do. 

And when I take a step back to reflect after the events of these weeks, I ask myself - why do I become so fearful and so distraught with worry, when I know that truly "life has a way of taking care of itself." I guess I just need to keep learning this until it seeps into the depths of my being.

"Trusting the process of life and knowing that all of our needs are met and we are safe" is now one of my life mantras from Louise Hay.  One of my life's teachers.

I look forward to talking with all of you more this week and hearing how your lives are going.

With Love and Much Happiness,


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