Sunday, November 3, 2013

Our Life's Calling

I write this to all my readers who are struggling to find their place in the world.  To my women friends who are creating new lives after divorces and deaths of their loved ones.  To the many male friends I have who are working so hard to create the lives they have always dreamed of.

There are days when the dream seems so far away, yet, God and the Universe know that it is so close.

There are days when we can sense it and taste it and feel it and it feels so DAMN GOOD!

There are days when the struggle sometimes doesn't seem worth it, BUT, IT IS!

There are days when we see it all start to come together and these are times we need to celebrate. These are the moments that keeps us going.

There are days when we don't understand why the road took a bit of a different turn and we find ourselves asking the question: Is this really my Calling ? or does God have something else in mind? If so, what is it?

There are days we need to step back, and do what Tony Robbins taught me to do... "Breathe from the Heart."   and listen to the silence.

There are days when we get back on our souls pathway and we "know" when that is.  And all is right with our world once again.

And when we do that "our dreams will chase after us" as Wayne Dyer says.

Enjoy this Golden Day of Autumn my friends,


Saturday, November 2, 2013

What do you Know?

A friend asked me this morning, "What do you know?" Stunned at the question and it was pre-coffee (hahaha), I wasn't sure how to respond. I have pondered this for most of the day.

What do I KNOW?  Here is my response to you my friend.

I do KNOW:  That somehow love prevails in everything.

I do KNOW:  That my Mother loves me.

I do KNOW: That there is a Higher Power that operates our Universe.

I do KNOW: That there is much more GOOD in the world than there is bad. We only need to look for it and it is all around us! My friends, open your eyes!

I do KNOW: That at times life seems to be really hard.  But it's in those really hard times/days, that the people who love us most come to give us a hug! and somehow they wrap themselves around our hearts even if only for a moment!

I do KNOW: That my parents did the very best they could and I will forever be grateful to them for this gift
called LIFE!

I do KNOW: That giving feels sooooo GOOD!

I do KNOW: That life is fleeting and we should cherish every great morsel we get!

I do KNOW:  That making love with someone who you are truly connected to feels so AMAZING!

I do KNOW:  That I have some of the VERY BEST FRIENDS, one could ever ask for!

I do KNOW:  That I was blessed to have been given MY FAMILY!

I do KNOW:  That I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS! And I always wanted to be Santa's Daughter so I could everyone lots of love and gifts!

I do KNOW:  That the world is full of LOVE.

I do KNOW:  That I don't like the emotions of frustration and anger, I would much rather feel love.

I do KNOW: That I am one big hormoe these days! and I cry very easily but those that really love me know that and love me anyway! (hahaha)

I do KNOW:  That I love PASTA and everything Italian even though too much appears on my ass!

I do KNOW:  That there are lots of crazy things happening in the world right now, but somehow in my heart, I know that the Human Spirit will prevail and love will conquer all of this ugliness!

I do KNOW:  That animals give us unconditional love and we need to respect them. It's their planet too!

I do KNOW: That it's important to eat well and exercise.

I do KNOW:  That music is food for the soul!

I do KNOW: That we are all born with gifts to give to the world.

I do KNOW:  That talking with someone face to face and looking into their eyes is sooo much better than texting or email!

I do KNOW:  That HOME is where family and friends are!

I do KNOW:  The people on this planet need to take a step back and breathe for awhile, I believe our Mother Earth is trying to give us that message!

I do KNOW: That I have so much more to learn and to grow as a person.

I do KNOW:  That life is a journey that is worth living, learning through all of it's ups and downs.  My mother wrote me a poem on my 13th birthday that said, for me to stop climbing the mountains of life, would be for me to die - she is right.

I do KNOW: That I am not always the most prompt person in the world and it always seems that I get most inspired to write when I have to meet my friends on a saturday night!   Well, this time I will surprise them and meet them on time.

Good Night My dear Readers,