Friday, August 17, 2012

The Beauty of Discovering Oneself at 50, A Poem from My Mother

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Yes, hard to believe I am actually going to post this. Actually admitting that I am going to turn 50 this year is a huge step for me.  But, I must say that today, somehow and in some strange way, I am proud to say that this is simply a number and yes , that will be my age.

Today, I bless the fact that I have personally grown so much over these last few years and that as I walk toward this number in a few months, I know in my heart of hearts that it truly is a celebration of life.  A celebration that I am a very healthy woman.  I have energy that is difficult for most people to keep up with as I dance until 4am and I am not afraid to embrace my sexuality as a woman.  I am an independent, fun-spirited, vulnerable and loving woman who embraces life.  Do I get scared when new things appear?  yes, absolutely!  Do I say, "Bring It On!" Absolutely! After all, I am my mothers daughter and she is the strongest woman I know!

As I embrace, the woman I am today, I am reminded of a poem that my mother wrote me when I turned 13 years old:

                                             My Daughter's Courage

                             To live each day, with it's contstant onslaught on our being,
                                              takes Courage

                             To endure, to persevere in the face of pain and adversity, take
                               the strength of a mountain.

                             It stands firm in the buffeting of snow and winds and rain.

                             To stop fighting, to loosen your grasp on Courage would be for you,
                                to die a little, to stop living.

                             For you it would be as the shore line, eroded by the tide as it washes over it.
                             Lost forever - never to return to its place.

                             Courage, my dearest daughter, can only be drawn, from the hills we climb
                                 over and overcome each moment.

                             As we conquer them, we build for ourselves
                                               A Mountain

                                             Strong and Sure

                                             A Mountain
                                            Called our Lives.

                                          Keep climbing my Darling

                                                                Love Mom

Thank you Mom, for your unending love and strength.


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