Monday, September 24, 2012

The Magical Power of Life's Teachers

How many of us have Life Teachers? Are they teachers in school? Are they teachers in your everyday life like your mother? aunt? or some stranger you met on some odd whim?

I have had many teachers on life's pathway and continue each day to learn and grow.  Currently, my teachers are Tony Robbins and Wayne Dyer.  Two men who have similar messages with very different styles.  I love Tony Robbins energy! Absolutely, 100 percent love it and I have a deep desire within me to impact peoples lives just as he does.  Someday I pray that I can meet him face to face and tell him for myself.

As for Wayne Dyer, he gives me a sense of peace and calm and centers me when life gets just a little too crazy and I need a reminder, that All is Truly Well and God is ever Present.

I would really enjoy hearing who your Life Teachers are.  Please share them with me.  Life is truly meant to be a learning for all of us, so why not share our thoughts about our teachers?

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