Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Designing the Life of Your Dreams

I promised myself I would write today. Not my standard Morning Pages written in my Composition Notebook, as Julia Cameron so highly recommends for us budding artists. However, it is another avenue for writers to share their thoughts with the Universe.  Who will be reading, listening, I do not know.  Thats not really important. What's most valuable to me, is that I touch just one person's life and make a difference.

I ask I really comfortable exposing my inner most thoughts out into the world? There are so many blogs out there now, apparently many people do feel comfortable with it. As for me, not so sure.  My most intimate thoughts are shared with my Morning Pages.  Three, free-hand pages written everyday, no matter what happens in my life. They are my meditation, my most trusted friend, my prayers to God/the Universe..whatever you call the most Highest of Powers.  They are my creative thoughts, my pages of frustration and tears when life doesn't go quite as I had planned and they are my pages to celebrate those steps that truly I have taken toward realizing the Dreams of My Life.  The Morning Pages ask me to step back and think, think about all that has occurred in the last 24 hours that I wrote them.  Think about all the things that have happened.  And when we truly retreat and notice, ...we then see.. our Inner voice, our Inner Self begins to emerge... the birthing of all that we have put so much thought, desire, faith, belief, and trust into becoming.

I have dedicated, no committed, myself to living the Life of My Dreams since 2005 and it has been quite the journey.  I have learned much and have yet, more to share with the world.  . One day, very soon, i will be living, the very creative, artistic life that I have dreamed for so long.

I ask myself..What can I share right now, with those that are looking to live the life of "their" dreams?

Well... here is what I have to tell you.  Its not a straight road, it curves, it twists, it has a roundabout on many occassions and you have no idea right at that moment which road to take.  At times it appears as if the dream is so far away it will never come.  And then, you get little glimpses of God/the Universe showing you. It's as if God says "see I told you I was listening." Then you want to reply back to him and say, ok, thanks but "could you speed things up a bit please! lol!"

Funny thing is, His timing (I reference the Higher Being as Him- just for ease, nothing more) is always perfect.  We cannot see it at the time and sometimes I still cannot see it. See it with the physical eye that is.
Yet, I know in my heart, if I let myself be really quiet, despite the anxiety, I know it will all be Ok.  And All is Well.  Somehow life has a way of working out.

So, what is the lesson here?

Hold so steadfast to your Dreams that Nothing, Nothing can shake them from you.

And when you do feel shaken, trust that even though your faith may seem "as small as a mustard seed," Your Dreams Will  Come True!

Keep your vision first in your mind always. Always! Manage your thoughts! Your thoughts create your reality! We think so many thoughts in the scope of just a minute, we don't even realize it. So our jobs are to make sure those thoughts are focused on what we want - not what we don't want.  I know this isn't as easy as I make it sound.  Trust me, I have bee re-training my brain for a good two years now. At times, its exhausting and just when you think  it won't happen, a situation occurs and you "naturally" think the new way and not the old! Days later you step back and look at it and say to yourself - Wow! I did it.  It IS working.  I am focusing on my wants and desires and not getting sucked into the worlds way of negative thinking. Take action only when you are in a good feeling place.  Action taken from any other place, oftentimes isn't probably the way we wanted to go.  Is this easy? not at first, but trust works!

There are two teachers who have been most influential to me on this journey.  Bob Proctor and Abraham, taught by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Here are some suggested links, so that you too may benefit from their teachings...

Jerry and Esther Hicks

Remember, Its up to each one of us to Create our very own, unique Life!