Friday, August 22, 2014

What Do I Know

What Do I Know

1. That sometimes it take every bit of inner strength to keep moving toward your goals! And there are times
when you have to exercise extreme self control to get there!

2. That eating real food that comes from the earth gives you more energy and health than any boxed or packaged food! And you feel that you are doing something good for yourself!

3.) I know that no matter who tries to knock you down in life, no matter who tries to bully you into doing something, STAND YOUR GROUND! LIVE YOUR OWN VALUES AND PRINCIPLES. After
all, YOU are the one that has to look in the mirror when all is said and done!

4.) Our bodies need exercise, get moving, stop sitting on those chairs, the couch and get moving! Even small steps begin the journey!

5.) Find something, anything that will motivate to change your life in a positive direction, no matter what you want to do! Grab the inner most part of you that truly wants a different life and find any role model you can to aspire you to achieve your goals! Watch an inspiring you tube video over and over, keep a magazine cover by your side, meditate on what you want, play motivating songs on your IPOD! Do WHAT IT TAKES to get yourself one step closer! 

( If Steve Jobs knew how much I admire him! and what an inspiration he is to my life!)

Here's to You My Readers! Get Moving! Get Motivated! Do What You Love!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Get Back up no Matter How Hard You Get Hit!

" Get Up You Son of Bitch! Because Mickey loves you!"

I love these quotes from the Rocky movies!  It truly motivates me to get back up , no matter how hard I feel life is at the time.

My days right now are full of a whole bunch of challenges but none of which I cannot overcome!

I share this with you my blogging audience because I know you too struggle with life's challenges on occassion, but be "mindful" and it always starts in the mind! That you can overcome them!

No matter what , you can overcome them!

I would love it if you would share your inspirational stories with me!

Here is to going in for another round and coming out on top, no matter if you get bruised
while doing so!


Friday, August 15, 2014

What Do I Know

                                         What Do I Know

It's not been quite two whole days since I wrote the last "What Do I Know" blog.  One could ask, what could I have learned in two days? Ah... much to learn..  

1.)  I do know that keeping your dreams alive and your eye on the goal can be challenging amidst the 
         noise of everyday life. People who are "doubting Thomas's" will tout their own insecurities and fears
        on you if you let them and others will be very excited and happy for you. Those close family and friends         will want to ensure that you are secure and nothing will harm you as you walk along this path. And then
        there are those who don't want to let you go, because you have made their lives that much easier by
       being in it and supporting them. 

  When I am discouraged and feel a bit like life is getting to be too much, this is my go to song:


2.)  I do know that loving someone is not logical, the heart seems to speak for itself.  Even when the practicalities of your life seem  that love will never blossom, the heart springs hope eternal. Thank God,
right? Thank God our human spirit continues to pour out love despite it not being returned sometimes and despite the fact that we cannot see what lies ahead.

3.) I do know that my cats are much healthier on a raw food diet than any type of canned or dry
      food.  Even the "no grain" canned or dry, they are much healthier.
  Here is what I feed my cats:


You can buy this product from this very lovely woman in Florida named Felice Arata, who has dedicated her life to loving her cats to health and wholeness!  Here is her website address: to order the ingredients for what I consider the best raw cat food recipe that I have discovered.  Felice has also
written a wonderfully, informative book called My Natural Cats, a True Story. You can find it here:
She has done a tremendous amount of research into common illnesses that impact our furry friends and how to cure them with raw food and homeopathic remedies as well as herbal formulas. 

4.)  I do know that it's so much fun to experiment with baking especially when you have people who enjoy
       the fruits of your labor. This weekend, I experimented with blueberry muffins and homemade speciality butters, lemon/honey and pecan/honey. And they are DELICIOUS and bursting with blueberries! 

  They jury is still out on what is the guest favorite specialty butter! Mmm..if I could hand them to you through the computer, I would ask you to vote!

5.) I do know that sleep is so good for you and truly is something we need to make sure we get 
     enough of!  Sleep, along with eating healthy , getting outside to smell the fresh air, and some exercise
      is what we need as humans to sustain ourselves.  I never quite got the whole, "sleep" thing before now.
       I have always felt that life is to short to care about getting some sleep. I have to much to do in my life
      to care about getting enough sleep.  

    Well! guess what, it's important! I lead a very busy life right now and my days are full to the brim. My body is screaming for good, quality , eight hours of sleep! Do I get it? Well, I try. My cats don't seem to understand that it's still dark at 5am and I can barely open my eyes without a good cup of italian Espresso!
And the mind at times, dances all around never settling itself. 

And so, that is what I Know today. Tomorrow, I hope I learn much more as life is a great teacher!


Sunday, August 10, 2014

What Do I Know

                                                WHAT DO I KNOW?

I had dinner with a very dear friend of mine last night. It was a beautiful summer evening, the sun shining
brightly through the blinds of the restaurant window. Our conversations typically range from our work lives, to some philosophical subject of the universe, human behavior, the well being of our families and I always try and insert something fun and whimsical to make him laugh and smile.

As I was brewing my morning coffee ( the elixir of the Gods! - hahaha), I was reminded of something he asks me quite often when we get together.  "What Do You Know?"

I have written about this once before in my blog, but today, I thought to myself, why don't I write a daily piece called "What Do I Know?"  So, thank you my friend for the inspiration and yes, there will be a "commission of baked goods" coming your way.

So, here goes with today's blog on What Do I Know.

1.) I know that animals love unconditionally.  Cats and Dogs anyway.  They are what warms
       our hearts when we come home after a hard days work and what snuggles up to us for an
      afternoon nap.  They help us forget our everyday world and remind us that at the end of the
      day, it's all about LOVe.

2.)  I know that in life, we have to take risks to get what we want.  If we just let life go on each day, defaulting to whatever comes our way, we will never get to where we want to be. Yes, is it a challenge sometimes and Yes, it is incredibly frightening to take those risks, but at the end of the day, TAKE THE
RISK.  Whether it's in your career or your love life.  It's worth the risk!!!

My ex-husband used to say, " Kim, this isn't the dress rehersal."  He is right.  TAKE RISKS! You will find that most the time, they turn out better than you imagined!

3.) I know that baking cookies with your family, your friends and your friends daughters is something that
      warms the heart and creates a lot of great memories. Baking together forms traditions and forever bonds. It teaches math and science by exact measuring and doubling batches for large family gatherings.
It appears as of late, that it might be an erotic attraction as well, but the jury is still out for me on that one!
It also puts weight on if you eat too much dough!

Oh and forget about that crap about raw eggs, my Mother let us eat cookie dough since we were little ones running around and we appear to have grown up just fine!

4.)  I know that love, understanding and forgiveness truly do heal all.  Sometimes it's hard for us to remember that and at times, it feels that those emotions are hard for us to access.

But what I must say to everyone reading this, take the time to listen to other people! That is probably the one biggest most heartfelt gift you can give them.  We all want to be validated and know that someone cares. Whether we are 2 years old, 20 years old or 75 years old. We all want to know someone is listening to us.

Forgiveness, what was that quote that I learned from listening to Wayne Dyer? Oh yes, here it is:

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”

It is actually a quote from Mark Twain. 

Beautiful isn't it?  I smelled that fragrance recently, I won't share the circumstance, in honor of that person in my life. But the moment that forgiveness happened, the fragrance of this violet filled my heart and I could smell it for days. In fact, the fragrance was so overpowering , it was hard to focus on everyday life.

The strong burst in those few days, has turned into a sweet, daily hint of love that I will cherish and hold onto until my days on this earth have ended.

5.) I Know that My Morning Cup of Coffee is good for my writing and it tastes good! It warms my insides and it gets my creative juices flowing. Yes, I know people say to stop drinking coffee, drink tea instead.
You know what I say? 

No! Tea is for afternoon sipping with a croissant in the afternoon or when you want to relax in the evening. 

Coffee is bold, strong and stands up tall and says let's get moving!!

Yes, I only buy organic and I do love my Italian espresso - especially when it comes in suitcase from my friend Giancarlo, two gifts in one!  Raw sugar and pure half and half is the way I love to make it. I have been experimenting lately with some other spices to add to it.

My AirBnB guests seem to really enjoy my experimenting because I am getting rave reviews.

So, that's What I Know today.  

A big hug and "shout out" to my friend who inspired me to write this daily blog piece.

See you tomorrow,