Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Eve...


Its New Years Eve! I love this day, not only because it's my birthday and it is my day to celebrate the fact that I was born to the most amazing mother! but it' also a day of reflection.  A day to remember all the accomplishments and challenges of the year before.

I have had many of them this year.. both accomplishments and challenges.  There were many, many happy moments and some really tearful days.  But, as my dad once reminded me - "joy cometh in the morning."

I won't go into what the details of these ups and downs were my friends, as I am certain you have many of your own.  Remember this however - there are many, many people who love you and life is full of roads to choose.  It is we who create our own destiny.  It is we who are the creators of our lives.

I encourage all of you to take the time to reflect, even for just a little while.  Reflect and love the world you lived in 2011.  Accept it without judgement. And even better, take the time to ponder the creation of 2012.  You deserve it!

It is my hearts desire to achieve all that I can dream of in 2012 and to continue to talk with all of you and share your hopes and dreams, sorrows and joys together.

With Love and Light,


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