Sunday, December 4, 2011

Twas the Night Before Christmas

What are the memories that you all have the night before Christmas? sister and i would think about Christmas Eve for days before it happened!  In fact, one of the fondest memories I have is of her and I drawing out a map that would lead us from our bedroom, down the stairs, to the Christmas tree discovering which presents were ours.  And sometimes we would even try to rattle them a bit to see if we could hear what was inside!

Each year, we would get out a piece of paper and a pencil and draw out which stairs creeked and where so that we could gingerly maneauver around them.  We strategically planned all of our moves, to be implemented in our pajamas at 5am without our parents knowledge of course! That was the whole point - don't make any noise so Mom and Dad don't wake up!

Did we execute our plan successfully every year? Well.. I think our parents let us get away with it for the first few years and then they caught on and told us to "wait until we get up!."  Somehow, we always seemed to get up at 5am anyway, skip the creeking stairs and go right to our parents bedroom and just get them up - lol!

It is a fond memory for sure. Christmas through the eyes of children.  The innocent excitement.  The belief in something they cannot see.  Its nice that at Christmas time, we can roll back the hands of time and for a few weeks, bring back that innocence we once had.

Hope you are enjoying these blogs and the Holiday Season,


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