Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Peace on Earth

Its five days until Christmas. And for most of us the stress mounts with each day.  I encourage you to create something different in your life this year.  Create a sense of peace and calm in your life.  Take a few moments out of each day to reflect and meditate on what is the true spirit of this season - love, forgiveness, kindness. 

The gifts will get wrapped, the tree will be decorated, the food will be prepared for the holiday meal.  It all gets done, it always does, but at what expense?

I encourage you this year, to give yourself moments of quiet reflection each day, to soothe your soul and warm your heart.  Truly the magic of Christmas is to be savored and cherished.  It only comes around once a year - should we all not drink every drop of this most treasured cup of joy?

I promised myself I would be peaceful and joyful this week and let the worry and anxiety just float away.  I promised myself inner calm and to let the spirit of the season radiate from me.

Won't you do the same?


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