Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Day 2012

The year 2011 washes away and 2012 Begins A New

I cannot help but continue to look at Paulo Coelho's blog which is where this picture derived from. I have recently discovered this writer and he truly inspires me.  He wakes up my heart and stirs my inner most being to put words to the page.

As I look at this picture my mind and heart want to wash away all of the difficulties of the past year and start anew - as I am sure many of you do.  Yet, I want the happy times to be remembered and cherished. 

So, perhaps there is another perspective here.  Just maybe, the tide is taking them back into the oceans of our memories - to be stored as the times we had the courage to overcome hurdles we didn't think we could jump; the joyous celebrations of milestones that brought us one more step toward realizing our dreams and the peace we felt when that little still voice told us - "All is Well, everything will be ok."

Store the old year away my friends, take the empty canvas and start to paint the year you want to have.  Use the colors of happiness, joy, peace and prosperity - and add some new colors in as well.

Here is to sharing a New Year with all of you,


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