Monday, January 9, 2012

Just Coffee

So, I was sitting with a friend for lunch this past weekend and he loves to harrass me about blogging.  He asks me constantly, "what is the point of that anyway?"  "Is it just for people to ramble off their random thoughts?"  I laughed at him as he challenged me to write about coffee.  I thought to myself ok!  Coffee is one of my favorite things in life, why not!

So, this blog is dedicated to you my friend Joe. 

Coffee.  What does it represent to all of us?  To me, it represents a warm, comforting feeling that is my companion as I write my Morning Pages (three free hand pages each morning).  It is the glue that ties friends together as they share their ups and downs of life, even for a brief hour of their busy lives. 

Coffee is the juice that gets you going when your sick children have had you up all night and you have to get to work in the morning.  Coffee, along with Exedrin is a great cure for pounding headaches.

Coffee is that nice, hot drink that sits beside that plate of cinnamon french toast and scrambled eggs.  Its so hot, you can see the heat wafting in the air. 

Coffee is Starbucks, McDonalds, Tim Hortons and Maxwell House - all depending on your taste.  Coffee is a Lattee,  Skinny Mocha, Espresso or just a plain cup of black Maxwell House.

Coffee is a something that warms your insides as you come off of the slopes or a long, hike through the woods as the snow crunches underneath your feet.

What does Coffee represent to you?  Share your thoughts with me -it's fun!



Anonymous said...

it is so wonderful to share conversation with a friend that can provoke a challenge with in my thought process. at that last sip of my coffee, to find myself mentally fulfilled and even a bit overloaded is exhilarating.

a cup of coffee can be a problem or shall i reword that as a potential solution. spill a little coffee well then clean it up. solved!

do you suppose that hermann rorschach discovered a his famous inkblot test over a cup of coffee. did he conveniently hide those coffee drips in a folded napkin that he carefully slipped into pocket? only later to rediscover that very napkin which contained a picture of a bouquet... ... just some fuel for the mind.

i truly enjoy our banter and conversation, always!

Cabin Fest said...

If I could, I would share some of the many photographs I have taken, mostly of coffee cups with their contents and environment. To see a cup of coffee is to know a moment in time, a mood, a personality, an event. I even have a long rambling yet unwritten blues song that runs through my head. "Cold Coffee Again" It chronicles the many occasions I have started out with a fresh hot cup, only to return to "Cold Coffee Again". Been workin' too long on this broken truck. The engine don't run, an' aint it my luck,I go in for relief from this wind and this snow, pick up my cup and don't you just know... I'm drinkin'... "Cold Coffee Again." Dan Habermehl

Anonymous said...

It is part of a wonderful art form called LINGERING. As with any form of art there are tools that are needed and for this one you will need a big comfy soft bed or chair,a good book or the Sunday paper,your favorite mug that fits your hand just right,filled to the brim with that special brew (mine is Tim Horton Cafe Mocha). so my friends even if you have never been n artist here is an art form anyone can cultivate.

Kimberley Barker Nightingale said...

Dear Cabin Fest... I wanted you to know how much I truly enjoyed your blog comment and I am sure my readers would love to hear the song lyrics.. I would certainly be interested in posting it if you would like.