Sunday, February 14, 2021

Things I am lovin' today


This is Valentines Day weekend. This is such a fun weekend to celebrate, not a lot of stress, not a lot of preparation , just some chocolate and wine type fun! So, I thought I would post about some things that I am "loving" this weekend.


 * Jeans!: For those of you who know me, these are my wardrobe staples! And I am always on the hunt for my next best FAV! So, a new discovery this weekend: RISEN Jeans.  I bought an olive green pair during the holidays and today at ROVE, Jewelry and Gift Boutique in Williamsville, NY, I bought a Vintage skinny jean. 

You can find their website here but they only sell to shops/boutiques.

 Please take a ride to ROVE, Jewelry and Gifts Boutique  and buy yourself some! - these women take great care of you!

 Image result for doggone raw rabbit cat foodbuffalo ny

* Raw Cat Food

I make my own cat food with a premix made by Feline Instincts but I wanted a third meat option and wanted to try the Rabbit. I bought this from a Holistic Pet Store in Buffalo, NY called Treats Unleashed. 

This Pet store is amazing and full of very knowledgeable people and Ann, the owner is a doll!

 May be an image of dessert and indoor

* Just Say Cheesecake: 

My friends Jim and Dan own this Bakery/Cafe and I treated myself yesterday to a salad, scone and coffee near the the brick wall full of clocks as I watched the snow outside. This little gem is located in North Tonawanda, NY near Buffalo. The Cafe was bustling for sure with everyone trying to get in before they closed at 3pm. The Portobella salad is delicious! And you must taste their chocolate bombs!  Decadent!



* Bridgerton Series on NetFlix! Steamy, hot and oh so scandalous! Rege- Jean Page! Started this series snuggled under a blanket on my girlfriends couch on a snowy February night with my favorite bottle of red wine and I am so obsessed! And for all those kissing scenes - guess what they use?

Definitely ordering that ! Who knows, perhaps I will be kissing my new Rege-Jean Page soon! 

I am sending you all so much love and fun this weekend!





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