Sunday, February 28, 2021

Things I am Lovin' this week


The last week of February. That means Spring is getting closer. Our days are lasting a bit longer with the sun setting a bit later. I cannot wait to see my first flowers of spring arrive - snowdrops!


Some of the things I am loving this week are:

Phone calls and visits with Friends and Family. This is at the top of my list because I have had such a great chance to connect with friends this week and I am so grateful. These friends have kept me sane through this crazy pandemic - some are single and I am too and it has been such a great support knowing they are there with me and I with them. It's hard to live alone outside of this crazy time and then you layer this on top of it. It makes it that much more challenging. But we have called each other every week, sometimes twice a week to keep in touch. My not single friends who call despite their busy family and work schedules. And there is my family - always there sending a text, calling , sitting and chatting. Thank you to all of you, I love you all so much .

Ina Garten's poached eggs with dill on toast for breakfast! Omg, so yummy and so easy!  My girlfriend bought me The Modern Comfort food book for Christmas and I am testing the recipes. Omg, can you say - hello COVID pounds and too much good food? 








  Gabrielle Bernsteins' book called Super Attractor.  I love Gabrielle Bernstein, she just resonates with me. Her voice, the way she is so relatable and her perspective is a bit more soft and not as masculine. I am gobbling up each chapter for sure! For those of you who want to attract more in your life and are open to a more spiritual (not religious) perspective, it is a must read! She has all her books on Audible too!









Serena and Lily's Spring Catalog. Omg! I love home renovation and decorating my home. I stumbled upon this company a few months ago and I totally drool every time I look at their catalog. They are specifically for more beach /coastal designs/homes, but it just gives you a sense of peace, they bring the beach to your doorstep. I have been contemplating a change to my living room fireplace and this gave me a great idea to explore. Check them out! They are expensive but great for ideas!





A visit to Vidler's 5 and 10 in East Aurora, New York.  This is a hometown treasure for sure. You walk in and the floors creak and there is the penny candy and rows of candy that was available when you were a kid! You find anything here from bolts of fabric, "rick rack" for sewing , which reminded me so much of my mother when I saw it, to coffee, greeting cards, pots and pans, and the TOYS! Soooo much fun! Old school toys! You must make a stop there, if you have never been.

Vidler's 5 & 10 - Step Out Buffalo

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