Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I Write in my Pajamas - Is that Such a Bad Thing?

Goofy title for a blog yes? Well, as I was doing my morning writing and studying today, I was reading a passage from Elizabeth Gilbert's book called Big Magic. I have been referring to it in several of my blogs recently. It is truly inspiring to the creative spirit in all of us!

The chapter I was reading this morning was titled : Tristam Shandy Chimes In.  I was curious about the title and read on.  In this very short chapter she talks about another writer who, when he felt blocked or like life was just in this "stuck" stage , he would dress up in costume and present himself , in character to his writing. He would talk aloud to it and lo and behold, the inspiration would come!

I thought - wow, that is a neat trick! I never thought of doing that! I might just give it a go!

The next paragraph goes on to have Elizabeth Gilbert explain that she tried this on for size and stated the following:
              When I am feeling particularly sluggish and useless, and when I feel like my creativity is hiding from me, I  go look at myself in the mirror and say firmly: "Why wouldn't creativity hide from you Gilbert? Look at yourself!"  Then I go clean myself up . I take the goddamn scrunchie out of my   greasy hair. I get out of those stale pajamas and take a shower. ... I might even put perfume on! "

Elizabeth Gilbert says she never wears perfume but she will do it to "attempt to seduce creativity."

As I read this , I laughed out loud because you see. That is me! In this new creative life I have crafted for myself!   I was just telling someone that I don't get out of my pajamas until about 2 in the afternoon, because as soon as I get up , I am making coffee and head  to my writing tablet.  The morning hours are my best time for creativity and if I don't get that time, I am very cranky and I feel like I didn't brush my teeth all day - you know what I mean.

A friend called and woke me up this morning and we were just talking about morning routines and it was an odd coincidence that after the phone call, I read this chapter and discovered that Elizabeth Gilbert and I have similar routines!

I guess I have truly transitioned my life to that of a crazy, creative artist/writer.

The last sentence of this chapter says: "Seduce the Big Magic and it will always come back to you-the same way a raven is captivated by a shiny,spinning thing."

I know at times when I feel stuck in my life and my creativity, I yearn to organize something, change my clothes, cut my hair - anything to get that feeling back, that new inspiration or motivation.

So, I guess the next time I feel this way - I will dress up in costume and :"Seduce the Big Magic."

That sounds fun doesn't it! I can't wait to see what costumes come about! Who knows - what the next novel turns out to be! I already have an idea!

Write in your pajamas, or your favorite Disney character or paint in a 17th century ensemble! Whatever inspires you - do it!

To Your Creativity and Mine,


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