Tuesday, November 24, 2015

From Ambition to Meaning

So many of us struggle with our lives to find what truly makes us happy. And as I listen to my favorite teacher this morning, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, he talks about moving from ambition to meaning.

We strive and strive and work hard to achieve those materialistic things in our lives that society tells us we should want. But those "things" don't truly make us happy do they?

Don't get me wrong, I love my home, my clothes closet, going to the salon.  However, when we sit in those quiet moments of our lives - we "know" what those things are that truly makes us happy.

I hosted a Fall Open House party last week at Grace House Retreat (my home) , where there were gifted alternative health practitioners and friends sitting around the table - I was giving a facial to one new friend ,  our friend and massage therapist, Dennis Knipfing was giving a chair massage to another,  and our friend MaryAnn, an RN and Colonic therapist was helping a friend in need of healing. This event was simply intended to be a time of sharing tea and cookies and just relaxing; however it turned into so much more!

 A time of sharing love and healing. It was quiet and peaceful, women laughing and smiling, embracing each other in love - finding commonalities with those they have never met before. And a wonderful man in the mix whose spirit is one of quiet reverence and peacefulness.

At one point in the evening, I stepped back and observed. My heart and soul were full. This was the gift, I wanted my home to bring to the world. Happiness, health and healing. This was the gift I wanted to share with the world.

To think that just a year ago my life was so very different. I was stressed to the max, my health was declining with adrenal exhaustion and hormonal imbalances and my spirit was screaming to me to make a change.

I was in a job that paid extremely well and provided me with a life that had been very comfortable from a materialistic viewpoint. How could I leave? This is what I had known for most of my adult life?

I was always striving and working hard to "get to the next level" , make more money - the constant race to the finish line.

That was the "Morning" of my life as Dr. Wayne Dyer calls it.

Yet, my spirit was calling me to something very different. And I needed to enter the "Afternoon" of my life - a life of meaning.

And so, I made the decision to leave my job and answer the calling that Spirit was so strongly asking of me.

And last Thursday at the Open House , I knew I was living a life I was meant to live and I get signs each day that confirm this as well.

I propose this to all of you who are reading this blog - Are you listening to your Spirit?

Are you responding to the life you want to live? Or are you just letting life dictate it for you?

Will you walk into the "Afternoon" of your life and find what is truly meaningful for you?

I did and I challenge you to do the same.

Is this road filled with ease and effortlessness? Sometimes, yes.. other times - no. But it is my life, the life "I choose" to lead. The one that fills my heart with happiness.

Love and Light,

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