Friday, January 31, 2014

Spinning, my new addiction!

So, during the fall of 2013 I had been looking for a new cardio workout as I was completely bored with the treadmill and eliptical.  I had so many friends tell me about the benefits of spinning but the two classes I took, I wasn't really thrilled about. The room was dark, I had no idea how to adjust the seat, what is it with all the "gears" up and down? 

Fast forward to November when my guest from Italy arrives on the scene and tries to coerce me into going to a spinning class at LAFitness.  Reluctantly, I said ok and on a Sunday morning no less! 

I love my Sunday mornings for peaceful, creative time , but I went anyway.

And now, it's January 2014 and I am totally hooked!  In fact, I am at the point where I want my weight training sessions to work around my spin classes! Uh-oh! that's not cool, because I looove my trainer and I rarely miss a session unless I am really sick!

Why do I love it? 

1.) The cardio workout is amazing with the Right and a Good Instructor!
         You really get your heart rate up and before you know it, you have biked 5 miles!  By the end of the class, you have biked almost 20!, without being afraid that you are going to get hit by a car or bitten by some bug!

2.) It is a definitive time frame in which I can get a maximum cardio benefit and I can crank to the awesome music with 20 other people!  It's almost like choreography.  And,  I am not running for miles on end, just waiting for the time to end, getting bored out of my skull, telling myself, just run one more mile!  I truly have zero desire to run a marathon!  I would rather be in a nice, modern gym, wearing the newest workout trends, jamming to Usher than looking at buildings, wondering where the bathroom is and how on earth am I going to go to the bathroom without losing time!

3.) It is easier on the knees, but definitely a bit tougher on the behind! Those seats take some getting used to but the knees will love you much more than running on a treadmill.

4.) You can lose yourself in so many thoughts and not trip over a pothole! You can punch out your exboyfriend or work out that project in your head that just seems to need some extra effort, or better yet, dream of the beach and cocktails that await you!

5.) Weight loss for sure! I have definitely seen that first hand. It has helped to take off those crazy few pounds that menopause has seemed to want to bless me with and of which I refuse to accept!

6.)  It's just good for your body to MOVE! Many of us have such sedentary jobs now, sitting in the land of cubes!  It's a great way to keep our bodies moving, which helps with arthritis, cardiovascular health, lung 

7.) Its a great way to exercise with your boyfriend and you don't have to be embarrassed because you dropped the dumbbells!  We all have learned how to ride a bike right? 

8.) Anyone, at any age can do it!  You set your own pace and progres at your own pace!  

9.)  It feels great to sweat that much!

10.) Lastly and my most favorite reason! I can eat my favorite plate of PASTA on a tough spinning day and not feel guilty!

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