Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Trust that the New Year will Unfold...

And so a New Year begins today. This day, January 1, 2014.

What will it hold for you personally? for your friends and family? for our Global Community? for our Mother Earth?

I know what I am destined to do this year and what life holds for some things this year but not everything. As that is up to the Universe to show us.

So many of our traditional ways ask us to create goals, resolutions and plans.  I believe that all of those hold value for us, however, what I have learned over time is to mix those with the allowance of a gentle unfolding of life.

The flower knows what it is destined to become.  It has an inner knowing.  All it needs is water, sunshine and the nutrients from the soil and it will show it's beauty to the world.

I am reminded of this miracle of nature as I grew my favorite Christmas flower this year, the Amaryllis.  I love these flowers as they are a ray of sunshine in what oftentimes is a very, cold and dark time of year.

Happy New Year to all my Readers.  May you have a year full of love, laughter and unfolded dreams.


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