Sunday, February 16, 2014

I Heard the Birds Singing Today!

I heard the birds singing today.

The cold harsh winter has taken its toll. the below freezing temperatures making it unbearable to go
outside for longer than a few brief minutes.
The wind whipping your face every chance it gets.
The piles of snow never seeming to disappear.
More falls from the sky each day.
Pipes burst, ice collapses tree branches into peoples houses.
An Earthquake rock our southearn states.

The earth is clearly having a tough winter and so are the humans and animals that
inhabit it's space.
Pneumonia strikes and relapses several times, cats are anxious and vomiting, the flu
lays us in bed for two weeks, the cats shed excessively at the wrong time of year and
a dear friend has a heart attack.

I heard the birds singing today.

So, as I sat quietly eating breakfast this morning, jotting my Morning Pages and my
to-do list, I thought I faintly heard something. It was a familiar sound but I couldn't
quite make it out. Was that a bird I heard?

The cats were sound asleep on the couch and not a beep could be heard inside the house.

I got up off the chair and gingerly opened the side door to the house and listened.

I heard the birds singing today!!!

A hopeful sign of Spring to come!         


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