Thursday, January 30, 2014

Finally, Chocolate Walnut Balls!

So, I posted a comment on my facebook page on January 23rd about these delectable little delights and finally figured out how to post the picture of them on here for everyone!  The picture on facebook turned out much too small and you wouldn't see the glaze that covered the cookie, so I posted the pic here!

The cookie is not an italian cookie and has no anise in it.  It is a family recipe handed down from my parents and is perfect paired with a cup of Espresso, or a glass of hearty red wine. Try some for breakfast! yes breakfast! One of my guests who visited from Italy loved cookies for breakfast, certainly a man after my own heart! 

And here is a little story to go along with these little, pop in your mouth after you freeze them , lucious delights!

Every Christmas my Mom would make several batches of different types of cookies.  These being one of them.  She would start her cookie baking right after Thanksgiving and would be in the kitchen for weeks! How she did it with four kids, I will never know!  

She would freeze them all so that there would be plenty serve during Christmas.  One year I decided that my cookie/chocolate craving was just too much to bear and I decided that I would sneak into the pantry and grab a few out of the freezer.  My mother would never know as she was off doing laundry or something, I don't quite remember what anymore.  Well, my best laid plans of being in cognito came to a screaching halt when I gingerly opened the the freezer door, put my hand into the plastic cookie container and the freezer started to tip right on top of me! I saw it coming and I screamed for my mother as the freezer hit the wall behind me! The pantry wasn't that big thankfully for me and the wall held the freezer upright.  My mother came running and I was caught red-handed!  This story makes me laugh to this day and it is truly a fond memory whenever I whip up a batch of these cookies.

By the way, I no longer make these cookies just for Christmas as they are a favorite of my family, friends and AirBnB guests. 

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