Sunday, November 27, 2011

Silver and Gold themed Christmas Tree this year!

So, my friends, I decided it would be a silver and gold themed Christmas tree this year!  And I have invited my girlfriend and her daughter to assist in the creation today!  I am curious to see what this collaborative effort will look like.  The thought of it just makes me smile.

And yes, when it is all done, I will defnitely share the pictures with all of you.  What will be your inspired tree this year?  Will you invite some special people into your family holiday traditions? Our family has always opened our home and holiday celebrations to friends, especially those friends who might not have relatives close by.  I have found that is a gift all by itself, for each of us.

Some might ask, "how do you come up with new ideas each year for your Holiday theme?  My answer: I look around me.  I open old magazines that I have saved and I look at my new favorites. Christmas music is turned on and the hotels, stores and streets start to take on their own holiday finery.  As I allow myself to be open to all the sparkle and beauty of it all, it suddenly comes to me.

This year, my inspiration came from the florist I visited to purchase my Thanksgiving table flowers.  You might be familiar with it? I walked in and oh the smells of Thanksgiving and Christmas were all blended together - the nutmeg, cinammon, lilies, pine.  I was truly in heaven!  They had a beautiful Christmas display in gold, it felt like fairy dust and magic to me. The creative juices began to flow...

And then last night as I was donning my 1970's disco apparel at a fund raising dancing event for charity, I found myself sitting under a sprawling tree growing in a courtyard at the Hyatt in Buffalo. The branches with its silver ornaments dangling about were directing me to the Christmas tree that stood beside it - dressed in silver and gold!   It was then that I knew, silver and gold was my 2011 Christmas theme.   I have been singing that song by Burl Ives now for a couple of hours! Hahaha!

Silver and Gold decorations...on every... Christmas Tree...( can you hear this little snowman singing??? lol)

And so my friends,, I thought I would give you some help in creating your own inspirations. Here are some website suggestions to get your juices flowing:

Happy Creating! Please feel free to share your inspirations with me.


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