Monday, November 28, 2011

The Christmas Wish List

It would be right about this time that my Mom would ask my brothers, sister and I for the infamous "christmas list."  When I was a child, the toy commercials waited until the day after thanksgiving and the stores would be waiting to bring out their holiday wares that weekend as well.  That's not true anymore is it? Why is everything so rushed? Why can't we slow our world down to savor each of the holidays as they come and relish those times? They only come once a year. 

I digress, I'm sorry.  Back to the childhood christmas list.  We had such fun creating these lists.  The Brand Names, Sears and JCPenney catalogs would be dog eared by the time we got done with them.  The lists would end up being two pages long, handwritten in pen, pencil or crayon -whatever we had handy. As children we thought Santa had an endless supply of money.  Why wouldn't he bring us everything on that carefully crafted list?   We believed he would.

We handed those lists to my Mom with great hopes that Santa knew exactly what we really wanted in our heart of hearts.  The excitement grew in our tummys with each passing day.  ( I will tell you that funny story in another upcoming blog!).

My mom would carefully peruse those lists and somehow she and Santa had a direct line to one another, for on Christmas day the toys that were dearest to our hearts always ended up under the Christmas tree.  They weren't always the most expensive or the ones at the top of the list, but somehow Santa always knew just which ones to pick!

So what was one of my most favorite toys ever! A Dancing Bear!  Ok.. I couldn't find a picture of the actual one I had but you get the idea! Hahaa.. the actual one I had came with brown ears,hands and feet with a funky flowered print all over his body.  His feet had elastic at the bottom so I could strap him onto my feet!  I had sooo much fun with him.  I adored that bear and I looooved to dance. 

Goodnight my friends, talk with you tomorrow, Kimberley

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