Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Decorating Day! (my rendition of Black Friday!)

So what does everyone do the day after Christmas? Shop? Eat Turkey sandwiches? Well, not me! 
I think about the Christmas decorating theme for this holiday season and get the house and Christmas
tree decorated.  Yes, I might eat some left over turkey while decorating but my focus is most certainly on Christmas!

I have to hand it to my Mom yet one more time as she started this tradition.  My mom would decorate every room in the house, even the bathrooms.  She would start early in the morning on Friday and would work right through to the evening.  And the kicker was, she never decorated the same way two years in a row! The tree had a different design every Christmas! 

To this day - my Mom decorates her tree differently every year even in her late 60's!  I lost count of how many plastic totes of decorations she has.  She even has them numbered with an inventory list! She is very talented and should have been an interior designer- she is that good!

What will be my theme this year? Still not sure, I am thinking gold.  I hope I have some gold decorations - lol!  I have boxes of different colored ornaments, not sure I have gold.  We shall see.  It's only 11:25am, the day is young!

Stay tuned!  I will keep you informed and perhaps even share some pictures!

Here's to Happy Decorating Day versus Black Friday (something about that name I just don't like!),


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