Saturday, December 5, 2015

Operating from our Authentic Selves

What does that mean? What does it mean to operate from our authentic selves versus the ego?

Well, I really didn't understand this either. I listened to Dr. Wayne Dyer explain this to me over and over again until I got it. I don't think I could have truly understood it until now.

Why did I want to get it? What did it matter to me? It mattered to me because at this point in my life, I no longer want to operate from the swirling dervish of  "getting more money," "work harder," "achieve more." I want to be truly happy on the inside. I want to know that the choices I make for everything in my life , are choices that will make me happy , not cause me anxiety or worry or fear or sadness and I want to know that when I leave this planet, I would have made a difference in someones life.

So, how do we do this exactly?

Dr. Dyer explains in his movie, The Shift, "that every time we make choices out of ego -all kinds of things happen to us that takes us away from finding meaning in our life."

How do you know when you are making choices from your authentic self versus your ego?

"You gauge everything on the way you feel.. are you stressed out, anxious, angry, fearful, do you feel like you are on purpose? do you feel good?" "When you are operating on the part of yourself that is authentic, bliss is your response."

Dr. Dyer proposes that when we live out of our Dharma, there is purpose and meaning to our lives. Dharma is a spiritual principle that says there is a purpose to our lives that we live by, like an inner calling.

How do we find that Dharma?

You don't really find it, its something you have been connected to your whole life, but many of us don't bother to be still and listen to it. We strive to live by the constructs of what we have been raised to be, do or have by our parents, society, our peers.

Why is it that some people know this early on in their lives and others of us come to this realization later in our life? I don't know. I am just grateful that the realization has come before my time on this planet is over.

I say to each of you, out there reading this blog - listen to your inner self, your intuition, your own Dharma- what is it telling you with each decision you make in your life?

Perhaps we are the ones to teach the next generation that this is truly a happier way of living their lives and they won't have to learn it in the "afternoon of their lives" as we have.

Love and Light,


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