Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Magic of the Moon

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I ended my day by walking out on my second floor balcony, looking up at the moon between the trees. I can hear the wind as it rustles the leaves. It's quiet and the moon is shining brightly as the clouds silently, move by it. These are special nights. Nights to be silent and to listen to the still small voice of God.

I reflect on my day and how much my life has changed over the past year. I am answering my calling. I am living the life I am meant to be living. I am more connected to God now than I have been in a very long time. But , this is a different connection than the one I felt as a young girl. It's a quiet sense of peace, of "knowing" as Wayne Dyer says. Its a feeling of being connected to something much bigger than ourselves.

As a young girl, God was this big massive father figure that I thought I had to obey , be perfect, do no wrong, adhere to all those commandments or something bad would happen to me. I felt like I would be judged for any wrongdoings and not be loved if I made a mistake.

This is not the God I live with today. This God, Spirit, Higher Power, whatever you call Him or Her - they are all about one thing - Love.

I had dinner with a dear, old friend tonight who I haven't seen in two years. She asked me how I had the courage to walk away from a corporate job. My answer - I knew in my heart, that I had to answer my calling, what I was destined to do, to fulfill my life's purpose. Yes, I had a not so nice boss, who helped me make that decision. But the boss who really made that decision was God.

Was I scared? Yes! Do I still get scared? Yes! However, again I must quote Wayne Dyer - "If you knew who walked beside you, you would never be afraid."

My friend looked at me and said "but I have a husband to fall back on and you don't." I smiled and replied, that's true I don't have a husband, but I have Faith in my God - the one who called me to my purpose.

And so as I reflect on this day and the events of my life over the last year, my heart is content and I know I made the right decision a year ago when I walked out those doors. If only, to give one person the courage to know that she too, can walk toward her dreams and believe that they will come true.

Thank you Lord for giving me the courage to walk this pathway. Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to get up everyday and take the next right step when that is all I can do. Thank you Lord for giving me the "knowing" of my life's mission - to help others to know that they have the power within them to change their life.  Thank you Lord for helping me make a difference in one persons life.

I hear the rustle of the trees and feel the cool breeze touch my skin through the open door of my writing room. I never want these kind of nights to end. They remind me just how near God really is.

To the Moonlight ,


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mbs said...

Beautifully thought, beautifully written. Thank you.