Tuesday, October 20, 2015

On Being Part of a Family and Honoring Spiritual Traditions

I typically don't write a piece so specific to my family, but I felt inspired to do so today.

This Sunday was such a touching experience for me as I watched another one of my nephews children get baptized. Why was this one any different than the baptism of his other two children?

Because my Father was there.

You see my Father and his wife have taken such an active role in our family over the last few years since my Mother had a brush with death. I will never know what they discussed when she called them to her bedside, but whatever it was, our family has been blessed with the gift of my Father and his wife ever since.

I was rushing (per usual) to get myself together to get to the church on time with my 11 year old car that sounds like it needs a new exhaust. I didn't want to drive in the parking lot and have everyone notice I was there and I wanted time for prayer before the service started.

As luck would have it , I arrived just as my nephews wife was pulling in with the children. Their four year old, bolted out of the van all dressed in his Sunday best and the baby bundled to protect him from the cold.

We walked into the church together, the peacefulness of the inside of the sacred space filling my soul. The little one in his mothers arms was captivated by all the shiny objects that adorned this beautiful catholic church - his eyes just moving from one to the other.

I watched him and couldn't get over how much he looked like my nephew when he was born!

Many family members were there  to celebrate this sacred rite of passage for this beautiful newborn baby and it truly warmed my heart. I am not a "religious person" per se. I believe that there is one Spirit/God that somehow in their magnificent way, manages to keep this Universe all working and they love with no judgement. I love some of the sacredness and rituals of the Catholic Church and the rite of baptism holds a special meaning for me. Its a spiritual birth of sorts. Yes, its symbolic but so meaningful.

The service began and the voices of our very extended family responded to the readings from the Deacon. I listened to the voices and felt the warmth of the spirit among us.

My heart was overflowing with soulful happiness.

The Deacon asked if there were grandparents present who wanted to bless the water prior to the baby getting baptized.

And my Father got up to join my nephews wife's parents. It was one of the most touching moments of my life. I just wished my Mother had been there to join in as well.

So, I jumped up to snap some pictures, knowing that someday, I would hand them to that little guy to remember this moment of his life.

As I look at this picture now, it still warms my soul and I am so blessed to be a part of a wonderful family. Yes, we have our issues, but we are still a family. We all know it in our hearts. And for this I am so very grateful.

I went to bed Sunday night so content and my soul so full. I am so thankful to my parents who gave birth to this ever growing family. Thankful for the traditions they gave us and the values they raised us with.

I am so grateful to my nephew and his wife for giving us the gift of their children to play with, laugh with and watch them grow.

May All of You Cherish those Family Traditions...

Love and Light,


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