Monday, September 14, 2015

Saturday Night at Grace House

It's 12:45 am on a Saturday evening as I walk in the door of my home from a wonderful evening with friends. The house is quiet  but for the sound of the television. I gingerly walk through the dining room and into the living room.  One table lamp warmly lights the sunroom and the reflection of the TV shines on the serene faces of my sleeping guests on the couch.  Being out in the rain and cold weather had them yearning for warmth as they are snuggled beneath the plaid comforter. The temperature  in the house has dropped quite a bit so I thought perhaps they could use another blanket. And just as I lowered the blanket onto him, he awoke. His sleepy smile greeted me while his girlfriend still remained in her blissful state of slumber.

We chatted for awhile reminiscing about our night's out when our chat was cut short by two black cats creating any kind of mischief they could to demand that a midnight snack be served!

The water was heating on the stove as I began to scoop the homemade cat food into a small glass dish. This daily ritual acted out without thought, I reflected on how full my heart was knowing my guests have made themselves right at home.  As I am lost in the warmth of this feeling, I glance over to see a pizza box and some beer cans on the counter and I smile. The kitchen is a bit messy but I don't care.

I bring myself back to preparing my cats food,  my thoughts wander to my other guests that text me about two hours ago.  Their grandson suddenly had to go to the Emergency Room. I walk out of the kitchen and into the hallway adjoining their bedroom. I glance in the direction of their room and see darkness with the door wide open.  A clear sign they haven't been home.

I quickly shoot a text off to them to express my concern as they walk into the side door to the house.

Tired with worried expressions on their faces, they share the events of the last few hours.

The guests on the couch stretch their arms and legs and announce they are going to bed. Saturday Night Live and Nicki Minaj are turned off as the house begins its quiet decent into slumber.

I continue my kitchen conversation about an eleven month old's first visit to the ER as the cats munch on their midnight snack. Emotionally weary from the days events, my guests bid me a "goodnight."

I take a quick tour through the house turning off the lights except for a guiding light over the kitchen sink. The cats and head off to the second floor. They know the routine as they jump up onto the bed waiting for me finish washing my face and brushing my teeth.

I open the bedroom window to let the cool breeze float in and I climb under the covers between my two furry companions.

I lay there listening to the sound of a peaceful and contented silence. Everyone is home, warm, safe and comfortable.

And I am happy.


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