Friday, September 11, 2015

Amazing Grace, a Tribute to my Father and to Wayne Dyer, my Spiritual Father/ Mentor

On this beautiful, cool summer morning as I listen to yet another Wayne Dyer You Tube video, I contemplate the wonders of my life at this very moment.

Wayne Dyer has been my "spiritual Father/mentor" for many years of my life and he recently passed away. Upon learning of his passing, I set out to listen to his audio books, watch his movies, listen to his You Tube segments.

This mornings segment was "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life." The last few minutes of the segment, he talks about a man who was a slave trader and was caught in a storm on the sea while transporting human cargo. He thought he was going to die. With those thoughts in his mind, the man set out to write. And he wrote: "I was once lost and now I am found, it was grace that taught my heart to feel, it was grace that brought me home." He reconnected to his Source says Wayne Dyer. " We can make that trip returning to our Source at any time in our lives. This particular man shifted his life and dedicated his life to abolish slavery. In a moment its possible to shift our lives! "
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And as I heard Wayne Dyer speak those words of that young man who wrote that song, I was reminded of that beautiful song that my father and I used to sing together in church. I searched You Tube for that song and found a beautiful celtic version of the song ... and I am singing to my hearts content in my office as I write this!  Here is the link to the song.. please play it, its so beautiful!

My mind is taking me back to that little baptist church on a Sunday morning as my Dad and I held the hymnal together, belting out that song, together. My Dad had a wonderful voice and in fact used to sing in the choir.

There are so many amazing graces in my life at this very moment .. because you see, I just spoke to my Dad shortly before I turned on the You Tube video. It's such a gift to have my Dad back in my life and my family's  life after a long hiatus.. Truly a gift of grace.

Yesterday, I had someone ask me how my home got to be named "Grace House".  Well, the woman who first owned my home was named Grace and this home is my gift to the world as I have opened my home to family and friends for years, but more recently, over the past three years, the global community walks through my doors as I host them on Airbnb.

So, you see these gifts are many ... and I "know" , "I know" that this grace is all around my life.

And this post is dedicated to my Father, Richard Barker.. and my Spiritual Father/mentor, Wayne Dyer.

I love you both so much , thank you for being in my life and guiding me every step of the way!

Grace to all of You, My Readers,



mbs said...

I love this post. It is so multi-dimensional. From the spiritual world, to the present, and to the previous dwellers of your house. A timeline of experience and wisdom. Thank you.

mbs said...

I love this post. Thank you.