Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Priceless Value of Friendship

How can we put a price tag on friendship?  We cannot.  The value is immeasureable.  Lately, I have had so many moments of reflection of how abundant I am in friendship.  These are the people in my life who know me more intimately than I know myself sometimes.  They are the women who knew I had been crying hours before, and are there to pick me up and go dancing, just to get my mind off the troubles that worry me.  They are the people in my life who believe in me and my dreams, even when those dreams seem so distant yet so close.

My friends are those that are there to laugh until our stomachs hurt and to call you at the last minute for a quick marguerita to catch up.  These are the women in my life who I feel bonded to like elmers glue.  Some have been my friend for over 15 years and some just nine months. There are friends I shop with and some I dance with, some I bake cookies with.  There are some I could talk for hours with about spirituality and others I share dating disaster stories with!

 My friends are not only female friends, but close male relationships as well.  Perhaps sometimes we women don't always take the time to appreciate those special male friendships.  These are not men we are necessarily dating or sleeping with, they are men who truly just want to be our friends.  They dance with us until the we hours of the morning, they buy us roses from the man who walks into bars selling them (who are those people anyway? lol!), they tell us "he is a jerk , anyway, you don't need him!" when we are crying over a breakup and they are there to tell us how beautiful we are when we don't necessarily feel that way.  I think the hit TV show "Friends" exemplifies this connection the best.

And then, there are those friendship bonds between a mother and daughter.  How do I even begin to explain the complexities and nuances that make this relationship as precious as a diamond? My mom and I talk everyday sometimes three of four times a day.  Hearing her voice on the other end just makes me feel like "home."  She is the woman who taught me how to walk, how to talk, how to put makeup on, introduced me to my love of creating beautiful things - fashion, interior design, beautiful pieces of writing and the lyrics of a meaningful song.  It is she who filled my childhood home with holiday memories and it is she who taught me how to set the world on fire!  Special thanks to you Mom! You have made me the woman I am today!
Mother and Daughter

So, the next time you sit back and realize that you haven't connected with a certain friend for awhile - call them! squeeze in an hour for a drink or coffee.  Savor this connection. That hour is worth so much more than that 60 minutes!  After all, when we lay our heads down at night is it not the relationships in our lives that make us feel loved?


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