Monday, October 3, 2011

Designing Warmth into Your Space, A Tour of my Home

What does your house say to people as they walk into it? Sleek? Modern? Traditional? or Does it say " come, sit, take your shoes off and curl up on the couch with me.  That's what I wanted my house to say to my friends and family when I was designing it.

The kitchen was to be the soul of my home.  Contemporary yet cozy.  It is here where my family comes for holidays ,birthdays and "whatever days."  This is probably my most favorite place in the house because it reminds me of everything that is dear to me - creating food that people savor and enjoy, laughter over several glasses of wine as all of us cram into the kitchen,  feverishly trying to prepare the turkey, the potatoes, the acorn squash.  The smells of Christmas cookies baking in the oven..Intimate conversations with friends...

Won't you join my family and friends and I for dinner?

The dining room was definitely not to be ordinary and I did not want a rectangular table.  I wanted a circular table in which all could feel a sense of closeness.  Afterall, doesn't a circle symbolize unity and a sacredness?

My family and friends gather around this table so many times throughout the year and each time, it is a memory in the making.  Did you notice the light fixture above the table? It is truly one of my favorite "pieces" in the house.  It looks like artwork when it is lit up and the color changes when you turn it off.

And then there is the second floor, my personal sanctuary.

I wanted to create a feeling of calm. A retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the main area of the house. The office space would be a cheerful place where I could create books, designs, or whatever else came to mind. It was especially important for there to be a corner for me to study or relax with a cup of tea or a glass of wine.  And I wanted a master suite with a walk-in closet and adjoining bath.  This space was to feel organic, zen like yet warm, soulful and contemporary.

What do you think? Did I achieve my desires?  Please take a walk with me up to the second floor of my house.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my home.  Has it inspired you to create your own dreams? I hope so.  Please send me an note on facebook if you would like my assistance in creating the space of your dreams.  I would be happy to help:


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