Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pruning and Growing...........

Outside on a beautiful summer evening pruning my umbrella tree.  I have no idea what its called in botantical terms.. but to me..its an umbrella tree! lol!  Its cooler in the night time, not so hot, so I can tolerate being outside for longer periods of time.

Once, the weather turns warmer, this little umbrella tree turns from merely sticks to a big round mound of large green leaves. It grows like someone gave it Popeyes spinach!  As I was trimming it back tonight, I was thinking about how our lives are sometimes like this little tree.

We have times of immense growth, followed perhaps by a much needed cutting back.  I myself have gone through a tremendous personal development/growth stage over the last two years and now I find myself in that season of pulling back. Perhaps the focus now needs to be to allow all that learning to manifest itself into what it wants to become.

I actually find myself welcoming this season as my brain needs a break and I feel I need to connect back with nature to quiet and nuture my soul.

Life will take care of itself, somehow, someway.  It is not for me to know the how, but for me to trust.

It is my hope, if any of you are reading this out there in the big world we live in, that you enjoy both of these seasons which ever one you might be in.


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