Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Healing, Love and Moving On

I wonder..should this blog be about the movie I just watched or what has recently transpired in my own life since March? Or does the Universe somehow bring things to you right when you need them most? 

What movie you ask? Love Happens with Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart.

Its about a man who is a "Tony Robbins like" figure, helping people overcome their guilt, shame and fears from the death of a loved one. Yet, his own internal guilt continues to haunt him. Oftentimes, it is in these same hurtful places where healing and forgiveness also takes place. 

Jennifer Anistons' character plays a flower shop owner who struggles with bad relationship decisions that create the same outcome, time after time.  How many women on this planet can relate to that???????  Oh.. about a bizillion of us! hahaha... I know I haven't had the best of luck in this arena, that is for sure!

Ironically, they literally bump into each other in the hotel at which he is presenting a seminar.

Why is it that the deep hurts of our lives take soo much time and effort to heal? The death of a loved one, a trauma, a house fire, a car accident, a divorce, a major health issue?  I don't know really.  All I really do know for sure is that we CAN HEAL.  Yes, its painful, very painful.  Emotional and mental issues appear at times to be the hardest to heal from.

My family and I have had a struggle over the last few months.  A real deep seated struggle.  I will not go into details as I respect their privacy and mine.  What can I tell you? It was painful.  There was a lot of hurt, there was a lot of fear and anxiety and anger. I felt like there was a shroud of sadness that enveloped all of us for months.  I could see what this was doing to all of us and my heart and mind was torn.  What is the right thing to do? For all of us?

Finally, last thursday, a decision was made. It was time. 

We all needed to start healing the wounds of anger and move on with our lives.  It is my hope and prayer that at some point in the near future, we will heal and forgive and that we will be united again.

Was the movie timely? Yes. I prayed a month or so ago, that it would all end and that our family begin the healing process.  God answers in his own time and in his own way.  I love my family.  We are all unique unto ourselves, yet, I love them all.  One day at a time, the wounds will heal.  Just the same as the characters in the movie.  They had a happy ending and so will we!


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