Saturday, April 3, 2021

Cherishing Good Friday Traditions at the Broadway Market with Camillia's and Chrusciki's Bakery


I love Good Friday! Some years back, my Mom, her husband and I started a tradition of going to the Broadway Market on Good Friday. Those who live in Western New York would say we were out of our minds. It is the busiest day of the year at the market. There were always tons of people , hard to move around, smells of meat, baked goods, roasted nuts, chocolate, hyacinth and homemade soaps.

Yet, it always triggered the beginning of Spring for me. And we went, every year. Our bags full of placek, poppy seed roll, a butter lamb, hyacinth we ventured home eager to indulge in the flavors of the season.

A ham sandwich with mayo and placek - one of my favorites for sure!

As my Mom became unable to walk those halls and subsequently passed away, I missed that tradition so much. So, my girlfriend Nikki and I decided to keep it going. And we go , every year no matter what insanity is happening in our lives that particular year. 

This year, an unusual year for sure as we continue to experience the weirdness of this virus, we made our annual trip. She and I both needed it. We needed to ground ourselves in tradition and focus on some fun.  I picked up my ham at Camillia's ( as I do every year. In my opinion, it is the best! A big shout out to the Cichocki family for taking my order every year and for all the love you show your customers!

I also decided to start snapping some photos, so I could share it with all of you and stir some fond memories in all of us who live here. No, there were not as many people as there typically is, but people did come out and definitely seemed to enjoy themselves. I know we did.

The market has changed over the years since it's inception much like the neighborhood around it. Yet, it still remains.  Some vendors that we have grown to love are still there and others have moved to different locations, like Chrusciki's bakery ( .  So, what did we do? We went to them! After our jaunt at the market we went to to Chrusciki's new location on Transit. It is fairly new and they have combined the bakery with a restaurant and bar. The bar is called Sto Lat and the restaurant , Simply Pierogi.  It has such a great vibe and the staff is so personable and fun!  Enjoy the pictures! And comment on your fond memories of the Broadway Market - what were your favorites? Happy Easter weekend! Kimberley


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