Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Grandmother's Love Letter to Her Granddaughter

Dearest Shelby,

      One day when Grandma was a young girl, God said, "I think I will give here a gift."

      And so he did.

     It was a wonderful present.

     The gift was your Daddy.

     Time passed, and God said again, "I think I'll add something to make the gift even better."

     So He added a beautiful ribbon and tied  it with a soft, pretty bow around the first present.

     That pretty Bow was Your Mommy.

     Now, the angels were watching God wrap this Present to me and said,

    "God, we think it's missing something!"

     So, God thought for a moment, then ever so carefully,

   He tied on the prettiest, brightest Star He could find and gave me You!

Love, Punky
January 27th, 1993

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