Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Mother's Message of Love even in Death

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As I was getting ready for work this morning, I was drawn to that file of my Mother's writings that is sitting near my coach. And as I read the little pieces of paper wondering what to do with all of them to honor her, she came to me. And here is what she said:

                           Within the heart lies the wonderous mystery of life,

                                  Be Still, look deep, Listen,

                             For the voice of one who has loved you always,

                              Close your eyes, let my face drawn there, appear.

                            Forever in your memory, hear my voice, wanting my beloved child,
                                 To give you consolation , share your joy  and sorrow
                             And grant you peace.

                             Look into your Heart Darling,

                                     For there I will always Be, Even when I am no more.

                              Love , Mom

I am forever convinced that the Spirit of the ones we have loved that have moved on..really do hear us!

You see last night , I walked back up to my office after feeding my cats and the overhead light was on. I thought to myself -that's odd, I didn't turn that on?

I needed to get some tea and I as walked back down the stairs, I talked with my Mother and asked her to speak to me. That I needed her and so did her husband.

And as I was drawn to her writings this morning, this little slip of paper was there. Written in 1995 with my name on it - to discover it the day I needed it in 2016, after my Mom had died.

No one will ever convince me that my Mother isn't with me and watching over me. Am I crying as I write this - oh yeah! Does she know that I am about to publish her work - yes she does.

Thank you Mom.. thank you.. this means so much to me , when I need you so much right now. I love you to the moon and back!

All my Love,


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