Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Man's Dream , A Mother's Inspirational Message to Her Children

                                              A  Man's Dream

                                    Each man has a dream  of his own
                                            Who he can be

                                   What he wants to achieve in his lifetime

                                  The dream is made of a series of smaller dreams or goals

                                      that are a step toward the bigger picture

                                 It has occurred to me that while man needs blood flowing

                               through his veins to sustain life, so too he needs his dream
                                For without it surely life would have very little meaning.

                               No goal to reach out for, No purpose to live for
                                   Surely this would be a living death

                              For worse to me than a death by normal causes!

                                So , dream on my children, Reach out- Reach ever Upward
                                   And most of all

                                                 Dare to Dream

Author : Dawn E. Paluch - Our Mother  March 1993




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