Thursday, January 29, 2015

What Do I Know?

My dear readers... it's been a long time and a lot has happened in the last few months... this is the first time I have been compelled to write in some time.. I truly hope it jump starts my writing...

1.)  I know that following your true calling isn't always the smooth road that you thought.  It has come with
  a LOT of emotional and physical healing. After you push your body and mind to the brink, when you secretly say in your head as your walking out of the grocery store, "one more step Kim, one more step, you can do this, you can keep going.. one more step."  These are the words I said to myself during my last days in my corporate job. I was exhausted and running on borrowed adrenaline.  I pushed myself to complete projects I started, I committed to setting my team up for success, I wrestled with the sadness of leaving people I loved dearly and a job I knew I was really good at.

2.)  I know that going after your dream is a bit like  running a marathon, you start out of the gate ready to go and pumped up and then, the wall hits. Your body says, "I'm tired,- I have kept you going all this time, now I need to tell you what's going on inside" "Please listen."   And then you listen and then,,,you feel the effects of leading that life of intense responsibility, trying to be the best of everything you thought you should be - the best daughter, the best employee, the best boss, the best sister, the best friend, being as fit and thin as you can be...And then your "biography becomes your biology" says Carolynn Myss. And the body breaks down and shouts at you to pay attention.

3.)  I know that like a marathon runner, it's all a mental game. And I refuse to give in and give up. I will succeed at following my dreams, whatever road they take me. Despite the fact that my body right now needs rest, the best nutrition I can give it, help from trusted alternative practitioners and friends, - I will make it through this transition to the life I was called to answer.

4.) I know that in the quietness of my time at home, I have begun to hear my inner voice a bit louder than before. I hear her, my friend who feels like she has been drowned out by the noise of life.  What does she say? Well, she was a bit lost and confused , her corporate life calling her back, pining for the familiar.

5.)  I know that when we access our spiritual connection to God, the Universe, whatever you call the Higher Power that operates in our world, we feel much better and somehow everything comes together.

Much Love and Light,


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