Friday, August 22, 2014

What Do I Know

What Do I Know

1. That sometimes it take every bit of inner strength to keep moving toward your goals! And there are times
when you have to exercise extreme self control to get there!

2. That eating real food that comes from the earth gives you more energy and health than any boxed or packaged food! And you feel that you are doing something good for yourself!

3.) I know that no matter who tries to knock you down in life, no matter who tries to bully you into doing something, STAND YOUR GROUND! LIVE YOUR OWN VALUES AND PRINCIPLES. After
all, YOU are the one that has to look in the mirror when all is said and done!

4.) Our bodies need exercise, get moving, stop sitting on those chairs, the couch and get moving! Even small steps begin the journey!

5.) Find something, anything that will motivate to change your life in a positive direction, no matter what you want to do! Grab the inner most part of you that truly wants a different life and find any role model you can to aspire you to achieve your goals! Watch an inspiring you tube video over and over, keep a magazine cover by your side, meditate on what you want, play motivating songs on your IPOD! Do WHAT IT TAKES to get yourself one step closer! 

( If Steve Jobs knew how much I admire him! and what an inspiration he is to my life!)

Here's to You My Readers! Get Moving! Get Motivated! Do What You Love!


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