Friday, September 27, 2013

Hope, is the only thing we have to hold onto

                                                Is the Only thing we have to hold onto

Said the short, blue eyed, reddish-blonde haired Jewish woman to the young girl.  The young girl looked into her eyes and then down to her arm.  The numbers emblazened on to her skin by hatred and evil.

"Come, let me share something with you."   The two made their way up the stairs and into a bedroom.  The door closed behind them.

Again, the old woman looked at the young girl and held up her arm.  Seventeen, "medical experiments."  I met my husband as we walk out of the Camp together, free at last.

The doctors said we would never have a child because of what was done to me. All of the doctors say this, but One.  One, tell me, "go home, sweep the floor with a broom, side to side."

"I go home and I sweep the floor." Silence filled the room as those sky blue eyes looked into the young woman's soul.  "I go home and I sweep the floor and I have a son!"   Their eyes held each other for what seemed like a very long time. The young girl cried inside for the woman's  pain of enduring horrific "medical experiments" , the internal strength of Hope and the Miracle of a baby boy.

This blog is dedicated to a dear friend who is challenged with the struggles of infertility.

My dear friend, God blessed Abraham and Sara with a son and he blessed this old woman and her husband, who met in a Nazi Concentration Camp, with a son.  I know that He will bless You too!

Remember,  Hope
                Is the Only thing we have to hold onto.

* This is a true story, I was the young girl.

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