Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Message of Love to A Friend

Dear Friends and Readers,

I saw this picture and was reminded of how precious girlfriends are.  The solid, girlfriend friendships that last through years of life. The ups, the downs, the fun, the mistakes and the celebrations.

Today, one of my dear friends is in pain.  Not physicial pain, but a heartfelt pain that you cannot put a bandage on or remove by surgery.  Although, feeling this much pain in your heart, one wishes they could surgically remove it.

Divorce is such a difficult process to go through, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially. The ups and downs can be on a daily basis and one feels like they will never recover.  And the residual impact is unknown until the papers are signed and one tries to put the pieces back together.

My heart goes out to my dear friend today. I know that she is loved by so many friends and family and that she will overcome the pain that this bears.

Relationships in our lives are so important to our growth as humans.  And it seems that the relationship between men and women plays such a key role in our existence.  This primary bond can be so exciting and joyful and at the same time it can be so incredibly painful when we part ways.

We must choose our relationships wisely and be careful to surround ourselves with positive people that build us up instead of tear us down or ones that cause emotional havoc. 

I am thinking of you today my friend with lots of love and hopefullness that Light will soon shine upon your world and make it brighter once again.

With much Love,


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